New Unkle Album + Free MP3 Downloads And Video



In my music forming years there were two albums that transformed my understnading and ear for music were Unkle’s Psyence Fiction and also James Lavelle’s  Global Underground Barcelona Mix even though it is a long way away now from the music that currently inspires me at the time the blending of the different beats was a whole new world.

Years later and many reformations of the people who make up Unkle, the latest album is entitled Where Did The Night Fall and this video for lead single Follow Me Down has a kind of urban psychadelic fantasy storyline, coloured in with lots of bare breasts of course, that I find very beatuful (the story not necessarily the breasts).  

There’s just so much media around this release, I really like this video of the guys being a bit geeky in the studio it’s quite sweet Pablo is laughing. Also gotta love their clever social media marketing for this. I’ve seen mixed reviews of the album online, though I quite like it I have a soft spot for folky dreamy psychadelic rock music like this so I’m rather looking forward to listening to this album this summer.

Free MP3 downloads (320’s):