Pixelh8 Remixes Childhood


Childhood Remixed from Pixelh8 on Vimeo.


Pixelh8 has been circuit bending a different toy every day for a month for his An Apple A Day project for Childhood Remixed, an art show part of his home town of Ipswich’s Ip-art festival. He has also created “Beat Unboxed” a sequencer for people to, well,  sequence some of these circuit bent toys in the exhibition.

Using an Arduino, a PC, lots of relays, toys and Processing, simply clicking on the the various colour blocks you can trigger off different sounds in this 16-step sequencer to make up your own songs with. Be sure to also check out Warranty Void a circuit bent NES you can play and bend at the same time. (pixelh8.co.uk)

In other (good) news Pixelh8’s Samba Band is going from strength to strength with Marshall Amps now sponsoring them, using specifically created simple notation Matthew is able to easily involve children in creating music together.

Childhood Remixed was commissioned by Ipswich Borough Council & Turnstone Arts Grants sponsor Ip-art Award 2007- 2010 and will be on display in Town Hall Galleries from May 29th to July 12th as part of the Ip-art festival.