Glade Festival Is Cancelled

I’m very sad to report that Glade 2010 has been cancelled. We were asked to be involved in the event in in role of of being an official friend of the festival and were also excited about the diverse line-up representing different areas of dance music and culture. On being invited to be part of the festival and due to our massive respect for Glade we were grabbing the oppoturtunity with both hands and going to provide for them a new level of coverage for us in video interviews and snapshots of the action uploaded live from the festival as well as a guide and podcast. Better than my Tweeting last year definitely! We were honoured to be asked to be part of it and wanted to acknolwedge that sentiment by doing the job well.

It seems like the police are abusing their power in hindering these events instead of helping them which in my position is what they should be doing. Already to fall prey to this in 2010 is Strawberry Fair who had been enjoying  a run of 37 years. It seems for both events they had council support and licencing, councils of course are democratically elected bodies, however the police still pushed forward with tactics to get the events cancelled.

Glade festival is a product of many years of passion, hard work and experience  my feeling is that we will not see anything like it for the forseable future which is the most upsetting thing. Love and respect to the organisers.

Read the full statement here.

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