Electro Insight – DJ Stingray Unedited and DarkBeat Documentary

I’ve got quite a big post for you tonight, been doing some reading and watching and thinking and listening. Some insightful media has come into my realm of perception this week some recent and some old that i feel strongly compelled to document on null+void. It is all to do with electro from Detroit to around the world in the form of an unedited transcript from The Wire’s recent interview with DJ Stingray and a film with interviews from electro producers from Spain, to London and back over to Detroit.

The most striking thing from The Wire’s interview is how despite being an unedited transcript, the articulate flow of discussion coming from Stingray is impressive. He comfortably speaks about his history as a DJ in Detroit through to his style of production and concepts that inspire him. There is a certain power attained by Stingray in this, and also a new light on Detroit, as the interviewer comments that there is never music new insight for journalists on this area. So despite him taking off the mask of silence and air of mystique there is never the sense of loss but the moving forward in this new age of internet and social openess stands up strong making his being all the more compelling.

I’ve often wondered about Detroit, how viewed from our small island seems so big and shiny however we have our own thing here and as Stingray points out in Europe we have a discerning audience and our own talent.

This documentary Darkbeat made in 2006 shows this as it travels around the world speaking to the guys heralded as the electro movement. It’s nice to see Matt Carter in there resident at one of the first nights I went out to Checkpoint Charlies in Reading, after it was a rave while it was first Thursday of the month at the After Dark and no line up announcement it would go off every time and the same people would be there proper magic. Also some other friendly faces in the film from the UK, quite inspiring these guys are here in London working so hard and making some of the best music in the world.

The quote that has got me most from the film is that people need to hear electro and then they’ll love it.

This is part what null+void is about another platform for amazing music supporting it, loving it and spreading the word. I have luckily somehow through caring about music, DJing, promoting, partying have met and spent time among the electro underground and learnt about the music, similarly how this film accomplishes.