Seed X Compilation

Seed Records have come a long way in 10 years, based in London they have supported the likes of Cursor Miner and Posthuman in their early days which has set the label in good stead to present a diverse three volume compilation, spanning from drone to disco and encompassing both experimental and pop sensibilities.

Part one is available to buy now direct from the Seed Record Shop digitally and on CD with two and three to follow from now until June and the CD is very collectable limited edition with artwork designed by award winning artist Chris Wright.

There’s even a free download of one of my favourite tracks of the compilation by The Dagger Brothers available via the Soundcloud player below.


Part I

  1. Jazzfinger – Bumblepump                              
  2. The Dagger Brothers – Release The Thunderball  
  3. The Shepardtones – Reichatronics
  4. Romvelope – Timbalandrover
  5. Skitanja – Sedan
  6. Reels – Work That
  7. Company Fuck + The Toilet – Vaginas or Not
  8. Andreas Tilliander – Juno Chords
  9. Tobias D. Schmidt and Lady Miss C – Some Kind of Disco
  10. Arthur Mittens – ordinary Spell To Cure How I Am Feeling

Part II

  1. Machars Action – Viscous Attacks                                       
  2. Unit Black Flight – Not Named                                  
  3. Dressed In Wires – let The World Be Wary
  4. Dethscalator – You Know Nothing About Cars or Martial Arts
  5. Eyes – Reptyle
  6. Cursor Miner – Devils In The Details
  7. Posthuman – One Wrong Turn Deserves Another
  8. Ola Bergman – Blane Glamor
  9. Antoni Maiovvi – La Vincenda di Amore
  10. Dave Tarrida – Meat Beat

Part III        

  1. Snakefork – Untitled                               
  2. Mary and Polly – Ice Cream                     
  3. Capracara – Panic Beats
  4. Standard Planets – Count Down To The Mouth O’Bourne
  5. Yard – Waves of Love
  6. Bauri – You Are Not Here
  7. Jaques Lueder – Crash
  8. The Doubtful Guest – Noxic
  9. Woody McBride – Der Wierd
  10. [snyzch] – Eastendface

The Dagger Brothers – Release The Thunderball by Seed Records