New Unkle Album + Free MP3 Downloads And Video



In my music forming years there were two albums that transformed my understnading and ear for music were Unkle’s Psyence Fiction and also James Lavelle’s  Global Underground Barcelona Mix even though it is a long way away now from the music that currently inspires me at the time the blending of the different beats was a whole new world.

Years later and many reformations of the people who make up Unkle, the latest album is entitled Where Did The Night Fall and this video for lead single Follow Me Down has a kind of urban psychadelic fantasy storyline, coloured in with lots of bare breasts of course, that I find very beatuful (the story not necessarily the breasts).  

There’s just so much media around this release, I really like this video of the guys being a bit geeky in the studio it’s quite sweet Pablo is laughing. Also gotta love their clever social media marketing for this. I’ve seen mixed reviews of the album online, though I quite like it I have a soft spot for folky dreamy psychadelic rock music like this so I’m rather looking forward to listening to this album this summer.

Free MP3 downloads (320’s):

Bussed Up! Next Weekend

Time to get your tickets for this if you haven’t already, it’s the next big party of the summer combining Yardcore, Splattercore, Adverse Camber and The Centrifuge’s powers. 

The line-up is smoking hot plus headlining is a rare chance to see Bogdan Raczynski play in London. 

Bogdan Rararamen Raczynski (, Canada, Rephlex)
Mr 76ix (Skam)
Cursor Miner (Noodles / Lo Recordings / Combat)
Broken Note (Peace Off / Ad Noiseam)
Monster X (Peace Off / Tigerbeat6)
Rudi Zygadlo (Planet Mu)
Blue Daisy (Black Acre)
Point B (Combat / Point B Records)
Warlock (Rag’n’Bone Records)
Vent (Hardcore Beats / Colony / Addictech)
Zan Lyons vs Bladerunner A/V
Combat A/V (Combat Recordings)
rANdOMoiDz (Digital Distortions / Ninja Columbo)
DJ Rum (Smoking Sessions)
Codeshift (Yardcore)
Diode (Adverse-Camber)
missaw (The Centrifuge)
Mash or Cash (Yardcore)
The Badical (Destroy Oh Boy

The weather forecast is looking good so get down early for the BBQ before it gets dark.

Buy advance tickets for £9 here.

Download free Bussed Up Party Mix (via Sendspace) 

Toob DJ Set @ Chemical Brothers

He got there in the end, Jakeone of Toob had a little communication mixhap and missed his set for the Thursday event. However he made it there for Friday and the evidence is online.

Some excellent deep grooves in this one off special Toob DJ set.



Riz MC’s MICroscope @ Fabric + New Single

Many of you will have enjoyed his performance in the recently released Four Lions but now Riz Ahmed as Riz MC is taking his live show to Fabric next month. We last heard from him in November last year in the run up to his shows at Sadlers Wells where he was debuting the MICroscope – show a multi-platform performance crossing theatre, art and music with extra bass. I can’t speak in relation to the storyline of the last event – but this one crosses music with political warfare fantasy as the in the video above alludes to and is also the video for the next single Hundreds + Thousands.

MICroscope is at Fabric, London on June 17th.

Tickets are available to buy here.

Hundreds + Thousands is released digitally on June 14th.

Read my interview with Riz from November last year.

Pixelh8 Remixes Childhood


Childhood Remixed from Pixelh8 on Vimeo.


Pixelh8 has been circuit bending a different toy every day for a month for his An Apple A Day project for Childhood Remixed, an art show part of his home town of Ipswich’s Ip-art festival. He has also created “Beat Unboxed” a sequencer for people to, well,  sequence some of these circuit bent toys in the exhibition.

Using an Arduino, a PC, lots of relays, toys and Processing, simply clicking on the the various colour blocks you can trigger off different sounds in this 16-step sequencer to make up your own songs with. Be sure to also check out Warranty Void a circuit bent NES you can play and bend at the same time. (

In other (good) news Pixelh8’s Samba Band is going from strength to strength with Marshall Amps now sponsoring them, using specifically created simple notation Matthew is able to easily involve children in creating music together.

Childhood Remixed was commissioned by Ipswich Borough Council & Turnstone Arts Grants sponsor Ip-art Award 2007- 2010 and will be on display in Town Hall Galleries from May 29th to July 12th as part of the Ip-art festival.

Team Doyobi on Mary Anne Hobbs

Alex Peverett and Chris Gladwin who are Team Doyobi’s contributions to the Icasea’s Audio Data Bank Sound compilation this year stood out as some of my favourite tracks. Their mix for Mary Anne Hobbs, moves between crunchy chip tune tracks and beats, being very nice and noisy, and a bit of disco cut up in there too. Check out the references for some helpful Team Doyobi related links.

Team Doyobi – 30 Minutes of Edits Mix (on air) by Zero Charisma

Glade Festival Is Cancelled

I’m very sad to report that Glade 2010 has been cancelled. We were asked to be involved in the event in in role of of being an official friend of the festival and were also excited about the diverse line-up representing different areas of dance music and culture. On being invited to be part of the festival and due to our massive respect for Glade we were grabbing the oppoturtunity with both hands and going to provide for them a new level of coverage for us in video interviews and snapshots of the action uploaded live from the festival as well as a guide and podcast. Better than my Tweeting last year definitely! We were honoured to be asked to be part of it and wanted to acknolwedge that sentiment by doing the job well.

It seems like the police are abusing their power in hindering these events instead of helping them which in my position is what they should be doing. Already to fall prey to this in 2010 is Strawberry Fair who had been enjoying  a run of 37 years. It seems for both events they had council support and licencing, councils of course are democratically elected bodies, however the police still pushed forward with tactics to get the events cancelled.

Glade festival is a product of many years of passion, hard work and experience  my feeling is that we will not see anything like it for the forseable future which is the most upsetting thing. Love and respect to the organisers.

Read the full statement here.

Read this Guardian Opinion article Why do our paranoid, anti-fun police seem to think they run the country?

Michael Forshaw: My Burds So Hairy She Needs Chemo EP

An EP with a title as rough and nasty humour a title as it’s content, following from his storming set in the Fenchurch dome @ Bloc this year, Michael Forshaw is showing form in strength releasing a new 12″ for Coin Operated Records. I already played out Grunt recently and it got massive response to it’s hardcore rave breaks and accompanying tracks, Energise and Growler, are powered along with double bass kicks and acid lasers. It’s a killer release.

Available to buy from Juno on Monday.

Plus : Download Michael Forshaw live @ Quadrat Closing (via Fun In The Murky)