Franz Kirmann Piano Interrupted


Piano Interrupted is a beautiful embient electronica track, lead by a playful piano loop interrupted by drone bass and clickety clackety glitch. It’s available to buy now on limited editino 7 inch from Lobe Records.

Also I really like this mix that Francois has done, I’ve played with him a couple of times at SUPERDISCO but this is very different. It’s very cut up and quirky techno starting off brooding and dark then still staying dark but rocking at the end getting quite fucked up in places. I really like hearing DJ mixes by producers whose material isn’t made for the dancefloor who aren’t always thinking of the dancefloor like I can be when listening to music too often. (Tracklist is on his Soundcloud)


FJKIRMANN latenightmix 130410 by Franz Kirmann

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He also has his EP Little Baby Eyes available to download free in high quality via bandcamp.