The Centrifuge Present Acid Futures

The Centrifuge are gearing up for  their biggest releases yet compiling 32 tracks over two volumes with contributions from The Doubtful Guest, Tudor Acid, Cursor Miner and Global Goon to name but a few and the launch party is in Berlin in the last Saturday of May. The first volume will be able to buy on a limited edition CD from the launch party first and will also be made available by CD for download in June. You can listen to most of it below in the Soundcloud player below.

The most recent Centrifuge releasee Herv is also playing at the party and features on the comp. His Gang Moulded EP is one of my favourites of the year mixing up hardcore rave and acid, and it also comes with a very sleazy remix by Scrubber Fox that I can’t stop listening to.



Vol I
1. Cane – Non-Fiction (credit)
2. Tudor Acid – Robot Cowboy Rides A Robot Horse
3. Chevron – Fasilides
4. Herv – Northern Soulless
5. Tom Yaxley – Ambienty (Carl Brown ’92 Cornwall Mix)
6. Cursor Miner – Millions Of Frogs
7. Helico Bacter & My Gloomy Machine – Part III (Kill Ref Glitchacido RMX)
8. Atlas Moth – Okley Sodom
9. Automatic Tasty – Blush Response
10. Scrubber Fox – Futurestrasse
11. brokeBust – The Ballad of Frank Olson
12. Myoptik – Acid Combing
13. Quip – t0chre
14. Mr Nibbles feat. NeuTek – 303EMU
15. Robot for Brains – This Is Life
16. th’idiot – Korg Duet

17. Roy of the Ravers – Acid Hors D’Oeuvre
18. The Gasman – Pepsin Esters
19. The Doubtful Guest – 180 Bassup
20. Odan – Trade Union Acid
21. Automatic Tasty – Ramekin Junket
22. Exillon – SWA1
23. JK – HK2
24. Global Goon – MAKEmE
25. Oxynucid – Cohort
26. Phlex – Graffiti
27. Rival Consoles – Agenda
28. Vertical67 – Last Shades Acid
29. 5k3k51 – Workq Kernteturn518
20. NeuTek – Orinoco
31. The Weather Channel – Weather Channel 4
32. Oxynucid – WATMM Wedding (Ursa’s WATMM Funeral Remix)


Acid Futures by The Centrifuge