Paul Blackford Set For Scan One’s Lost Tapes

Paul Blackford did this blinding guest mix for Scan One’s show on Ill FM. Still not much compares to his set at the null+void / Centrifuge party. Great series with previous guests including Point B and Broken Note. The sets are nicely archived on the Myspace page.

Download here. (if this link expires check back to the Myspace)

  1. Aliensextoy – ES 0722A (Militant Science)
  2. Torq – Space Drifter (Napalm Enema)
  3. Synth Alien – Spectral Attack (Militant Science)
  4. Aux 88 – Tom Tom Beats (Submerge)
  5. DJ Skurge – Electrocuture (Un..derground Resisitance)
  6. Orlando Voorn – Killmode (Submerge)
  7. The Exaltics – Wont Back (SOM)
  8. Galaxian – Warhead (Militant Science)
  9. Spinks vs Kalbata – Contact Jerusalem
  10. Melojik – MEtro (Militant Science)
  11. Sound Synthesis – Bass Maze (Militant Science
  12. The Exaltics – The Truth (SOM
  13. Paul Blackford – FFS (Militant SciencE)
  14. EDMX Bass Freak (Breakin’)
  15. ECMX – Tech One (Breakin’)
  16. DJ Digital – I Am Morpheus (Twilight 76)
  17. The Infiltrator – They Will NEver Know (Underground Resisitance)
  18. D Force – Original Bad Boy (Slammin Vinyl)