Kiersty DJ Set From Wrong Music Free Party

I had an absolute blast at Wrong Music on Saturday, DJ Planet Mu and Burnkane absolutely killed it was great to hear some good noise and general heavy sounds again been a while. Volks soundsystem was especially fun to play on too. Thanks for the good words I’ve had already about this means a lot.


1. Paul Blackford – Enhanced Transmat (Militant Science)
2. Molez – Hole (Acroplane)
3. Mad-Tek and Dan Fix – Mirri Riddim (Digital Distortions)
4. [B]racket – Reunion One (Brackout)
5. DST – Tribute (Digital Distortions)
6. Galaxian – I Can Do Everything
7. bb Robot – Ion Driver (Teutonik Kaboom Remix) (Digital Distortions)
8. Smashback – Brick Shithous (Bass Gun)
9. Michael Forshaw – Grunt (Coin Operated)
10. [B]racket – Troubleshooter (Brackout)
11. C Mantle – The Other Eden (Handsette)
12. Dead Sound – Time To End (Acroplane)
13 – Posthuman – Detach (The Centrifuge)