null+void and The Centrifuge have formed a firm alliance over the last year and now are uniting their electronic sounds at The Driver in London’s Kingscross for the Wisp European Tour Blowout Party on Saturday 3rd April. The line up is immense with Rephlex‘s highly acclaimed artist Wisp as the star attraction and null+void bringing a rare set from the ringleader of UK electro bass Paul Blackford whose Militant Science artists have featured frequently on null+void.

The Centrifuge recently created waves announcing their artist agency and roster which includes Cylob, Bogdan Raczynski as well as Wisp and many more and continue to push new experiments in electronica on the net label and fortnightly radio show hosted by Ursa who will also be playing this event.

Tickets are available to buy here £7 advance, £10 OTD



  1. Rival Consoles – Preoccupied Fashion Bastard (Erased Tapes)
  2. Rotodrone – Bolyaiphase (The Centrifuge)
  3. Rival Consoles – Electorate (Erased Tapes)
  4. Rotodrone – Slow Wave (Roy of the Ravers Around the world in 80 Raves rmx) (The Centrifuge)
  5. Oxynucid – Fitting Sheet (The Centrifuge)
  6. Mrs Jynx – Spitting Sheep (The Centrifuge)
  7. Mrs Jynx – Jazzmutant (The Centrifuge)
  8. Wisp – Hidebehind (Rephlex)
  9. Richard Wigglesworth – Urgent (Radioactive Man Remix) (Tudor Beats)
  10. Headnoaks – Clear Brainz (Militant Science) 
  11. Galaxian – Overthrow (Last Known Trajectory)
  12. Paul Blackford – Enhanced Tranzmat (Militant Science)
  13. Scrase – Ford (Militant Science)
  14. Radioactive Man – Lungfull Of Bass (Paul Blackford Remix)(Control Tower)
  15. Idiron Soundtrack – Artemis Meow (Shinra Remix) (Swishcotechque)
  16. Wisp – Winter Level (Unreleased)
  17. Oxynucid – Wattm Wedding (Ursa’s Wattm Funeral rmx) (The Centrifuge)
  18. Wisp – Trees Like Toys (Rephlex)
  19. Rival Consoles – Agenda (Erased Tapes)