New Cursor Miner for Uncharted Audio

Bad form I know to copy and paste a press release. But this is genius.

Cursor Miner has to be up there with the best electro producers there are, with a naughty twist of nasty.

The single Shakin’ Heathens is released on 1st May 2010 on Uncharted Audio and an album is soon to follow. Check out the preview below.


(Socrates and Aristotle are behind the decks at Fabric)

Socrates: What man haven’t you heard?

Aristotle : Heard what?

Socrates: Good grief old fool! The new Cursor MIner twelve that’s what! It’s the absolute spick spack!

Aristotle : It’s the absolute what?

Socrates: Pull yourself together dude you are seeeeriously out of the Geist. You want to be slapping down some of this nadded out shit on your desks. What’s this – you’re listening to Queen?

Aristotle: They are masters of their art!

Socrates: Utter Flapdoodle! I’ve heard better noises when your beard got stuck under the stylus!

Aristotle: I was having a Concrete day, some people enjoyed it!

Socrates: Look man This is Cursor Miner. Behold the wazzyness of the bass! The spankingness of the snares! The mighty beat of the agricultural funk!

Aristotle: Agricultural? 

Socrates: Oh gimme a break, you mean to tell me you haven’t heard of agricultural funk? It’s the skuzz that the kids are down with, down on, and down about. This is the 21st century grandpa! It’s all about the Agri! Mad COW geddit???? You know – is he making you dance or just tilling the soil?

Aristotle: You’re on drugs aren’t you?

Socrates: What, no, I’m just easily excited [gurns]

Aristotle: No, look I’m not having young philosophers getting off their heads on my watch – look you can’t even light that pipe properly – you’re wasted young man.

(Socrates is bundled out by security frantically waving his new 12″ from Uncharted Audio)