Bloc 2010 Review and Video Evidence

Bloc 2010 was the best yet, I even managed to write up this review in the week after and record some videos while I was there.

Matt Whitehead Live @ Bloc 2010 from null+void on Vimeo.


Ben Pest live @ Bloc 2010 from null+void on Vimeo.


Michael Forshaw live @ Bloc 2010 from null+void on Vimeo.

 Didn’t manage to make the most of recording videos thought they were coming out realy badly and not worth it but they are pretty okay.

Friday well the only think I will say (and can remember of music) on Friday is Matt Whitehead what a set. This is acid techno, house, party.

The Fenchurch dome really was more of an experience than any of the pre-hype could possibly have prepared me for. Unfortunatley I missed Debasser and Radioactive Man on the Friday I didn’t get there early enough, but on Saturday I spent a good few hours in there fom 5pm til 9pm catching Luke’s Anger, Ben Pest (above) and the fucked up in more meanings of the word than there are Michael Forshaw. This was the roughest toughest techno in the land and with just the right space and people to enjoy it.

The rest of Saturday was spent (after a brief break) in Centre Bloc Model 500 were too cool for words. The sound of Surgeon blew me away somehow I had never managed to see him before and mixing between down tempo dubstep aquatics and rough cuts of techno the night got crazy right there. Planitary Assault Systems reallyw ere the icing on the cake this is when Bloc is Bloc when the techno party is there and the whole room is jumping, i remember hysterically screaming when the drop landed systematically with flood lights and smoke cannons.

It carried on with the techno getting the bass with Rag n Bones label founder noyeahno in Jack Bloc with a right loosened up crowd and no area of the incredibly dark room left without a dancer. And as tradition states Jerome Hill followed on with a superb electicism of hard techno and rock n roll (i think) then stumbling around in sublime sunshine with the crazies outside til I rested my head for 3 hours.

Sunday began for me with Kanji Kinetic vs Raffertie for breakfast definite good kick start jumping all over the place. The highlight perhaps of the day was the most amazing experience, again in the Fenchurch dome all of a sudden Convex began his set and every single person in that room was whipped into a techno frenzy. All smiles, all jumping and absolute magic. More time with friends making sure the magic ended in Centre Bloc with Derrick May but still somehow carried on til 8am Monday.

This festival is so unique, perhaps being able to have somewhere safe and warm to fill in the gaps and catch up with old and new friends, not being too far from a flushing loo, warm bed and hot shower helps muchly too.

George and Alex really deserve some massive prize for creating and making Bloc happen year on year.