Wisp European Tour Blowout Party with null+void

null+void are proud to announce that we’re hosting the 2nd room in The Centrifuge‘s Wisp Tour Blowout party next month. This is an amazing opportunity to showcase the artists that we are most excited about. First up headlining is Paul Blackford, founding boss of Militant Science records who month after month put out killer dancefloor and experimental electro tracks. Paul’s own production is the cleanest yet dirtiest electro bass around blowing the minds of his fans.

A former null+void podcaster Richard Wigglesworth, who recently appeared on the first of the Balkan Vinyl series of relases with a collaboration with God like legend Luke Vibert and premiered his latest live set based on new album Merri Portland. Richard also runs his own label Tudor Beats putting out digital and vinyl releases.

Thirdly but not leastly is Scrace, also of Paul Blackford’s Militant Science label. Greg’s production and live sets have knocked the socks off Appleblim and range from dub stepped filthy skanks to absolutlely kicking electro beats. My favourite track so far is Ford which has had DJ support from Radioactive Man who caned it at Glade last year.

Plus DJ suport from myself and The Centrifuge’s Brap.fm radio host Ursa.

The Centrifuge room is massive too as you can see on the flyer see Facebook below for their hype. A Replex Records artist in the house is nuff said plus Rival Consoles is some of the best live hardware acid I’ve ever heard for the dancefloor.

Finally tropical grime party vibes from Pollinate and Neon Skullz round up the third room.


Tickets are available to buy now at a measly £7 + 50p booking fee

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RSVP now via Facebook get yer attendance on.

Yum yum teaser musics:

Richard Wigglesworth live for null+void BROADCAST

The Centrifuge Soundcloud feat tracks by Rotodrone

Pollinate Records Soundcloud for tracks + mixes