Pixelh8 Interview + Video

Observations from Pixelh8 on Vimeo.

Pixelh8 is near the culminating live performance of his latest project, Oberservations.  A work that sets out to explore what it means to be an astronomer as part of Cambridge Science Fair. 

It’s hard to fit in what he’s doing, but he’s a writer now for Wired, teacher, academic, musician, inventor, engineer, composer and artist into this one article or even here, you should definitely subscribe to his blog and mailing list via pixelh8.co.uk. His projects range from a DS samba band for which he has programmed software for and is about the launch the project nationally, encouraging children to make music together or ciruit bending the world’s oldest and most historic computers at Bletchley Park last year.

Pixelh8 is one of my favourite artists and also damned nice guy so it was a real pleasure to speak to him about his ideas and ways of working.

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