Wrong Music’s Ebola and Sorry’s Shokku A/V


I got sent this today, it’s the nicest sounding and looking AV set I’ve seen recently and the relationship between the audio and visual elements is controlled creatively by both artists. I’m going ot be very lazy and post what Ben Ebola said about this it’s one of those times, ashamedly, when I really can’t put it in my own words.

“Shokku A/V is a live audio-visual collaboration between Wrong Music artists Hannah Drayson (Sorry) and Ben Hudson (Ebola).

The audio (which combines DJ sets, live performance using Ableton and circuit-bent devices) is re-interpreted to create the visuals using realtime FFT analysis. The visualisations are created and controlled in Processing using a combination of pre-made sketches and live-coding. The flexibility of this process means that the two performers can respond to one another’s actions creating a highly reactive A/V collaboration.

Music used for this performance:

Circuit bent drum machine/Some sounds from Ebola’s computer
Buckfunk 3000 – Jump (Ebola Remix) (Forthcoming Tigerbass)
Hermutt Lobby – Fat Manual (Eat Concrete)
Baconhead – Goonies (Forthcoming Acroplane Recordings)”

Look forward to Shokku AV live dates over the coming months.