Kiersty DJ Set From Wrong Music Free Party

I had an absolute blast at Wrong Music on Saturday, DJ Planet Mu and Burnkane absolutely killed it was great to hear some good noise and general heavy sounds again been a while. Volks soundsystem was especially fun to play on too. Thanks for the good words I’ve had already about this means a lot.


1. Paul Blackford – Enhanced Transmat (Militant Science)
2. Molez – Hole (Acroplane)
3. Mad-Tek and Dan Fix – Mirri Riddim (Digital Distortions)
4. [B]racket – Reunion One (Brackout)
5. DST – Tribute (Digital Distortions)
6. Galaxian – I Can Do Everything
7. bb Robot – Ion Driver (Teutonik Kaboom Remix) (Digital Distortions)
8. Smashback – Brick Shithous (Bass Gun)
9. Michael Forshaw – Grunt (Coin Operated)
10. [B]racket – Troubleshooter (Brackout)
11. C Mantle – The Other Eden (Handsette)
12. Dead Sound – Time To End (Acroplane)
13 – Posthuman – Detach (The Centrifuge)

Bass Gun Records: Get Bitch Or Try Dying

Bass Gun Records have unleashed their new direction this year with a collection of bass with Get Bitch Or Try Dying.

The original mix of label head Smashback’s Brick Shithous is a sure dancefloor smasher, it winds itself up until drops into an absolute banger wobble of a break elsewhere on the EP Vitamin drops a massive bass sinker dropping constantly along the tune very nice to listen to indeed. And Teutonic Kaboom, who has also been doing amazing things also for Digital Distortions recently, drops another dark one. 

On the remixes are Paul Blackford who lays down a driving bass line boogie and Benjwahbeats with a downright grimey dub you can hear below.

Available to buy now from Juno.

null+void 2009 revisited: Smashback City Parks album mini mix


null+void and The Centrifuge have formed a firm alliance over the last year and now are uniting their electronic sounds at The Driver in London’s Kingscross for the Wisp European Tour Blowout Party on Saturday 3rd April. The line up is immense with Rephlex‘s highly acclaimed artist Wisp as the star attraction and null+void bringing a rare set from the ringleader of UK electro bass Paul Blackford whose Militant Science artists have featured frequently on null+void.

The Centrifuge recently created waves announcing their artist agency and roster which includes Cylob, Bogdan Raczynski as well as Wisp and many more and continue to push new experiments in electronica on the net label and fortnightly radio show hosted by Ursa who will also be playing this event.

Tickets are available to buy here £7 advance, £10 OTD



  1. Rival Consoles – Preoccupied Fashion Bastard (Erased Tapes)
  2. Rotodrone – Bolyaiphase (The Centrifuge)
  3. Rival Consoles – Electorate (Erased Tapes)
  4. Rotodrone – Slow Wave (Roy of the Ravers Around the world in 80 Raves rmx) (The Centrifuge)
  5. Oxynucid – Fitting Sheet (The Centrifuge)
  6. Mrs Jynx – Spitting Sheep (The Centrifuge)
  7. Mrs Jynx – Jazzmutant (The Centrifuge)
  8. Wisp – Hidebehind (Rephlex)
  9. Richard Wigglesworth – Urgent (Radioactive Man Remix) (Tudor Beats)
  10. Headnoaks – Clear Brainz (Militant Science) 
  11. Galaxian – Overthrow (Last Known Trajectory)
  12. Paul Blackford – Enhanced Tranzmat (Militant Science)
  13. Scrase – Ford (Militant Science)
  14. Radioactive Man – Lungfull Of Bass (Paul Blackford Remix)(Control Tower)
  15. Idiron Soundtrack – Artemis Meow (Shinra Remix) (Swishcotechque)
  16. Wisp – Winter Level (Unreleased)
  17. Oxynucid – Wattm Wedding (Ursa’s Wattm Funeral rmx) (The Centrifuge)
  18. Wisp – Trees Like Toys (Rephlex)
  19. Rival Consoles – Agenda (Erased Tapes)


null+void’s Kiersty @ Wrong Music Free Party This Saturday

I’m playing at Brighton’s infamous Volks venue for the even more infamous Wrong Music crew this Saturday. And it’s a big FREE thing too. Full line up and mix from one of the featured artists below.

Also on the bill are:
BEATWIFE (Live LA. Acid)
BURNKANE (Planet Mu)
SHITMAT (Wrong Music/Planet Mu)
DJ PLANET MU (Planet Mu)
P45 (black butterfly)
FUCKNOSE (Errision)
THE GROSS CONSUMER (Complaints Dept)
DJ VIRTUE (Handbaked)

Dead Fader recently did an astonishing awesomely rough set for Electronic Explorations recently one of my favourite episodes so far this year (download and listen here).

RSVP on Facebook.

Mothers Against Noise This Thursday + Idiron Soundtrack Interview

More AV experiences in London this week as Mothers Against Noise returns to Corsica Studios Funktion 1 sound system and fierce line up. 

Heading up the line up is Combat Recordings’ Stormfield, there’s a really great interview on the Mothers Against Noise site here with him and we have a previous post on his AV project here. Joining Stormfield are Sam’s Myth w/ Daytime Televisuals (Amen-tal); Idiron Soundtrack; Team Toothpaste (Shedcore); Duskky (Carbon Logic/Mothers Against Noise) and Slavetothewage (Mothers Against Noise) with live visuals by I|O Motion.

Looking forward to some savage sounds at this one, check the event page for more info.

We had a little chat from Idiron Soundtrack who has been busying himself with his animation project Close Encounter of the Misanthropic Kind:


Close Encounter of the Misanthropic Kind from GSinnott on Vimeo.


What inspired the visual aesthetic? And how did this work with the audio aesthetic? 
It’s a skit/homage to my favourite science fiction, especially older stuff with a post-apocalyptic theme, but I also really enjoyed recent stuff like Wall-E and 9. I wanted to emphasise the conflict between the old decaying technology and the futuristic pod, so alot of the audio was made with analogue synths. The monster’s voice is my best gollum impression vocoded with recordings of a dirty Soviet-era synth I got late last year, while the pod’s voice is a nice clean oboe (like in the original Close Encounters).
Which came first?
Visual first, but it was done with the sort of soundtrack I wanted in mind.
What hardware and software did you use in this project?
 Software; 3DS Max, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Final Cut, Ableton Live and Logic Studio. Hardware; Formanta Polivoks, Roland JX3P, Oboe, Viola, Violin. 
What issues did you come across during the project?
I spilt a pint on my computer after I came home from Bangface before Christmas. It was a complete write-off so I had to work in stuffy computer labs for most of it. Too many sleepless nights there didn’t do my immune system any favours either. I was on antibiotics by the end!
How will you adapt your set up for live AV performance?
This was actually done seperately to my AV project, but the amount of 3D modelling I’ve learnt is definitely invaluable. I’ll keep quiet for now because I’m not sure how it will eventually pan out, but I tested it live for the first time last night and it went well. The tools/system are there.
What’s next for Idiron?
I’ve been sat on a new EP for a while now and that’ll be coming out later this month (for free) on Swishcotheque. It’s about intergalactic kittens and features remixes from friends and musicians I admire; more of a progression from the stuff I did with Netlab. Aside from that, I guess look for a job?

New Cursor Miner for Uncharted Audio

Bad form I know to copy and paste a press release. But this is genius.

Cursor Miner has to be up there with the best electro producers there are, with a naughty twist of nasty.

The single Shakin’ Heathens is released on 1st May 2010 on Uncharted Audio and an album is soon to follow. Check out the preview below.


(Socrates and Aristotle are behind the decks at Fabric)

Socrates: What man haven’t you heard?

Aristotle : Heard what?

Socrates: Good grief old fool! The new Cursor MIner twelve that’s what! It’s the absolute spick spack!

Aristotle : It’s the absolute what?

Socrates: Pull yourself together dude you are seeeeriously out of the Geist. You want to be slapping down some of this nadded out shit on your desks. What’s this – you’re listening to Queen?

Aristotle: They are masters of their art!

Socrates: Utter Flapdoodle! I’ve heard better noises when your beard got stuck under the stylus!

Aristotle: I was having a Concrete day, some people enjoyed it!

Socrates: Look man This is Cursor Miner. Behold the wazzyness of the bass! The spankingness of the snares! The mighty beat of the agricultural funk!

Aristotle: Agricultural? 

Socrates: Oh gimme a break, you mean to tell me you haven’t heard of agricultural funk? It’s the skuzz that the kids are down with, down on, and down about. This is the 21st century grandpa! It’s all about the Agri! Mad COW geddit???? You know – is he making you dance or just tilling the soil?

Aristotle: You’re on drugs aren’t you?

Socrates: What, no, I’m just easily excited [gurns]

Aristotle: No, look I’m not having young philosophers getting off their heads on my watch – look you can’t even light that pipe properly – you’re wasted young man.

(Socrates is bundled out by security frantically waving his new 12″ from Uncharted Audio)

Glade Festival New Line Up Additions

Jeff Mills | Magnetic Man | Green Velvet | Autechre | Krafty Kuts vs. A Skillz | Holy Ghost! | Boy Better Know | Skream b2b Benga | DJ Zinc | Seth Troxler | Craig Richards | Clark | Plastician | Fuck Buttons | The Field | Wolf + Lamb | X-Press 2 | Avalon | DJ Friction | London Elektricity | 65daysofstatic + more! 

Very excited to see that Glade are landing right on the money with their 2nd wave of line up announcements. Techno is strongly on the scene with Jeff Mills, Craig Richards and Green Velvet confirmed. It is not too soon from Bloc to dream of more techno party madness.

Again Clark remains one of my favourite artists and I have a beautiful memory from Glade 2008 closing the Overkill stage at the only loud and sunny point of the festival that I can remember. Fuck Buttons I have yet to see live but am looking forward to some seriously heavy droneshoegaze in the great outdoors that is sure to follow.

Check out this Jeff Mills “Purpose Maker” mix series via Youtube.

Headover to Glade Offical for tickets n ting.

Bloc 2010 Review and Video Evidence

Bloc 2010 was the best yet, I even managed to write up this review in the week after and record some videos while I was there.

Matt Whitehead Live @ Bloc 2010 from null+void on Vimeo.


Ben Pest live @ Bloc 2010 from null+void on Vimeo.


Michael Forshaw live @ Bloc 2010 from null+void on Vimeo.

 Didn’t manage to make the most of recording videos thought they were coming out realy badly and not worth it but they are pretty okay.

Friday well the only think I will say (and can remember of music) on Friday is Matt Whitehead what a set. This is acid techno, house, party.

The Fenchurch dome really was more of an experience than any of the pre-hype could possibly have prepared me for. Unfortunatley I missed Debasser and Radioactive Man on the Friday I didn’t get there early enough, but on Saturday I spent a good few hours in there fom 5pm til 9pm catching Luke’s Anger, Ben Pest (above) and the fucked up in more meanings of the word than there are Michael Forshaw. This was the roughest toughest techno in the land and with just the right space and people to enjoy it.

The rest of Saturday was spent (after a brief break) in Centre Bloc Model 500 were too cool for words. The sound of Surgeon blew me away somehow I had never managed to see him before and mixing between down tempo dubstep aquatics and rough cuts of techno the night got crazy right there. Planitary Assault Systems reallyw ere the icing on the cake this is when Bloc is Bloc when the techno party is there and the whole room is jumping, i remember hysterically screaming when the drop landed systematically with flood lights and smoke cannons.

It carried on with the techno getting the bass with Rag n Bones label founder noyeahno in Jack Bloc with a right loosened up crowd and no area of the incredibly dark room left without a dancer. And as tradition states Jerome Hill followed on with a superb electicism of hard techno and rock n roll (i think) then stumbling around in sublime sunshine with the crazies outside til I rested my head for 3 hours.

Sunday began for me with Kanji Kinetic vs Raffertie for breakfast definite good kick start jumping all over the place. The highlight perhaps of the day was the most amazing experience, again in the Fenchurch dome all of a sudden Convex began his set and every single person in that room was whipped into a techno frenzy. All smiles, all jumping and absolute magic. More time with friends making sure the magic ended in Centre Bloc with Derrick May but still somehow carried on til 8am Monday.

This festival is so unique, perhaps being able to have somewhere safe and warm to fill in the gaps and catch up with old and new friends, not being too far from a flushing loo, warm bed and hot shower helps muchly too.

George and Alex really deserve some massive prize for creating and making Bloc happen year on year. 

Pulse Audio Visual Events Launch This Sunday


A really excellent free (or donation of your choosing) event has just been announced for this Sunday in Stoke Newington’s Pagaea Bar brought to you by null+void’s recent podcaster Codeshift. The event previews Si Begg & Robin Mahoney’s new feature length AV piece, “We made our own Distaster” (above) and a selection of short films by Duodroume, “Awakening” and “Awareness”.

See the pulse blog site for full line up 

Codeshift Pulse preview mix: