Braindance Community’s Cloudsourced Podcast

The new online community birthed to fill the whole and give a new home to failthful Planet Mu users and intelligent dance music fans alike has been running now for a month. Might I add Planet Mu has just relaunched their website selling all their merchandise and releases in multiple formats. It’s looking pretty slick and hopefully this means the label will be able to get a higher proportion of money raised by sales by selling direct. Plus it’s a comprehensive one stop shop representing their roster so despite a bit of tension with the old board users it looks like this move has been worth it to push forward into Web 3.0.

The new community has got off to a great start with a friendly crowd and most from the Mu board have moved over. They have a fortnightly podcast/mixtape series where they nominate a member of the board to produce one each fortnight.

You can get involved via this thread here.

Episodes so far:

01 – 22 January 2010 – Curated by jʌmɐs ʌndɐrsʌn
02 – 29 January 2010 – Curated by Mattrock
03 – 05 February 2010 – Curated by Japes
04 – 12 February 2010 – Curated by pidgin
05 – 19 February 2010 – Curated by Bit-Phalanx

The image above was found via this article, which I think you null+void readers will enjoy: