All Your Base Mega Party Plus Tayo this Saturday

So we know it’s Plex in London on Friday night but there’s a couple of events in Reading on Saturday night worth travelling to…if you don’t live in Reading. If you do live in Reading you should definitely go out to both of these.

All round dub and roots legend DJ Derek is at The Oakford (Facebook event) and then All Your Base are hosting a room at Play the relaunch night of Plug n Play Studios which is now going to be called Play Reading. I spent a fair bit of time there DJing and partying it is sort of like Corsica Studios but a little bit smaller.

Tayo is in the mainroom playing a breaks to dubstep set while All Your Base have got a pretty massive line up in the second room with:

Richard Wigglesworth (Tudor Acid/ Tudor Beats Album Launch) – *Live*
Radioactive Man (Control Tower/Fabric London)
The Doubtful Guest (Planet Mu) *Live*
Pain Struck Stanley Dumb (Wide Records) *Live*
G.O.S.H. (All Your Base) *Live*
The Beatroute DJ’s (Beatroute)

Very good. Fore more information here’s the link to the Facebook event.