Luke Handsfree Mix

Luke Handsfree of London’s Plex party and Handsette Records ,responsible for releasing Posthuman’s latest smasher Landier, has shared a recent mix from playing Utrecht, Holland. It’s very cool and a great pre-cursor for the Plex flyers which are landing tomorrow. I will post up the new line-up in full then. I am especially happy with this one as it will be my own Plex DJ debut! Until then enjoy the mix.  

Direct download link.



  1. Space Brothers – Air Liquide (Rising High)
  2. Untitled (A1) – User (User)
  3. Beat The Heat – Matt Whitehead (Rebel Intelligence)
  4. Emerge 1 Processed Original – Substance & Vainqueur (Scion Versions)
  5. The Sub-Bass Experience – Joey Beltram (R&S)
  6. Superior Race – Dopplereffekt (Clone)
  7. Throw Some D’s (Click Clack) – Rustie (Dress 2 Sweat)
  8. Ravers Delight – The Mind Drum (Subvert)
  9. Dangerous – Wi-Fi Of The Undead (BRACKOUT)
  10. Moving Like A Train (Smith N Hack Remix) – Herbert (!K7)
  11. Morphing – Morph (New Electronica)
  12. Lander – Posthuman (Handsette)
  13. The Blank (16 Bit Remix) – Skism (Wicky Lindows)
  14. You’s The Druze – Global Goon (WeMe)
  15. Angst – Like A Tim (Like)
  16. Untitled (No2 Side B) – Seldom Felt (Seldom Felt)
  17. The Lightning – Underground Resistance (Shockwave)
  18. Troubleshooter – Bracket (forthcoming BRACKOUT)
  19. T*Shock – Decal (Trama)
  20. Bucephalus Bouncing Ball – Aphex Twin (Warp)

(via no-future)