Ideation and Acroplane co-release Amen-talist Movement Round 2

For the junglists out there this is a really above par release from the Amen-tal crew and a little help from Life 4 Land and Jungle Syndicate.

  1. Badman Moriarty – Real Ganja Man (Ragga Mix)
  2. Dr…um + Axewound – Babylon Junglist
  3. Sams Myth – Kingston Dub
  4. Jake C – Real Jedi Rebel
  5. Axewound – Tomahawk
  6. Ghost – m°
  7. Dr…um + Axewound – Cold Blooded Killer
  8. Resinate – Deft
  9. Sargy + Raggamuffin – Destruktion
  10. Carl Brown – Jungle Lord
  11. Dr…um – Unlawful Activities

 You can download this release for free right now (donate option is on the Ideation site).

Ideation Records Download Page

Acroplane Download Page

Also for bonus Brain Damage Radio have epic quantaties of DJ sets from Jungle Syndicate’s Bristol parties.