Three Strikes

So this seems to be happening, the proposal that file sharers will have their internet cut off wihtout a trial in a court of law. this has been such a long story and a very complicated issue I will try and keep my opinion brief and focused on the point that is fairly positive towards music but not to this freedom taking legislation.

There are already some unjust things that have been happening and are only just coming to an end in America brought about by the RIAA where rediculous amounts of money has been seized off citizens in the courts. IT amounts to extortion to begin with as most people pay a fine of up to $7000 when they are first approaced by the RIAA and that means that nowhere along the line has their crime been proved basically amounting to extortion. Those who take the case to court tend to lose as the mcuh publiscised Joel Tenenbaum case. You sould read about it it’s pretty sickening.

And the worst thing is that the record companes profiting from this are the ones with the output that is of no interest to most of us. Many of them have been making money out of music for years as commodity it’s not really worth talking about.

Personally I look around me and am very inspired and warmed with what I see many people doing with music. It almost seems like a different realm to the one being argued about. I know many people putting out records they don’t make any money but they are proud of their product. I think it would be nice if they did make money and could give up the day job, but we can’t have everything in life. (Also I would like to insert the question of the value system that puts so much on luxury and wealth as a lifestyle and goal here.) And we can’t expect a piece of government legislation to sort out public perception and habit really really really publishing in music is moving somewhere else and we need to figure out where it is going. I think if people like this are making such quality products selling them to people who care, why are others still making average products trying to sell them to people who don’t really care much?

It’s all very annoying and some music organisations are seeking to control the way we consume without offering anything good in return. And now are threatening to take away our communications and what is fast becoming almost a basic living requirement – the internet. They have absolutely no right to do so.

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