Exclusive Ebola Mini-Mix for null+void BLOG

Ebola has done this massive sounding mini mix to mark the relase of his new single out on Portland dub-step label LoDubs, three of those tracks you can hear in the mix as well as an unreleased track from the same label by Mensah. They are absolute smashers. Ebola is busy setting up a new label which will feature cassette and eventually some vinyl releases on the jungle and tropical tip, more news on that soon.

Also check this little Q+A I did with Ebola for DazedDigital.com.  

Article link.

Hyper Raps Handclaps Minimix by null+void

  1. Bruce Stallion – Starfish (Forthcoming Tigerbeat6)
  2. Milanese – My Adidas (Bun-e)
  3. Miami Bass Warriors – Breakfire (Sweat Records)
  4. Ebola – Teledildonics (Shitmat’s DMZ lamb chuffchuff RMX) (Spectraliquid)
  5. Ebola – Portland 2CB (Acroplane)
  6. Face A Face – Galash (Ebola Remix) (Forthcoming LoDubs)
  7. Ebola – Kaiju (Forthcoming LoDubs)
  8. Ebola – OH!! (Forthcoming LoDubs
  9. Mensah – Not a shy gal (Forthcoming LoDubs)
  10. Kid606 – Mash up the place (Digi-soca Mix) (Shockout)
  11. Wahn – A Periodic Low Growl (Ebola Remix) (Acroplane)