Pixelh8 And The Revolution

Released today is the third studio album from circuit bending genius Pixelh8. He never fails to inspire me with the new and varied projects he is constantly involved with, the most stunning of all in my opnion was the Obsolete show and the valves of the Bletchly Park computers. 

But now we’ll talk about his music production for album number three “And The Revolution”. Some new sounds have appeared like a wailing electric guitar sound, and also for the first time ever the boy with the digital heart speaks (through a vocoder of course) and on tracks where he doesn’t sing the melodies are doing so. It brings a human dimension to the music and it feels right, generally this album feels more human and emotive. There are pretty pop ditties with excellent grooves and melodies like on IED and then there are some excellent little rock out experimental pieces roughing the album up still keeping the glitch that first caught my ear. 

Available to buy now direct from Pixelh8’s website in FLAC format.