Ai Records’ Tenth Anniversary Box Set

Ai Records are set to celebrate their 10th anniversary with a limited edition double 12″ release with 10 tracks by 10 of it’s roster and 10 specially commissioned designs by 10 designers called “When I Was Ten”…you get the picture here.

All the sleeves are hand silk screen printed so it’s a quality product with the quality electro you’d associate with Ai as it has sent a high standard for creative production over the last 10 years of its existence. 

Previews can be heard for a limited time on Ai’s Myspace player. And it is on sale from 2nd November. 

There’s a really nice interview here as well with Jason from Ai it’s a year old but sums things up nicely.


  1. Mike Manning – My Fantasy
  2. Sinner DC – Glass Alley (Object Object Mix)
  3. Plant43 – Leaves
  4. Datassette – Crawling Greens
  5. EOC – Departure
  6. Najemsworb – Forte
  7. Pathic – Ticktock
  8. Dez Williams – Process Of Elimination
  9. FZV – The Other Day
  10. The Third Man – FGB

Here’s some tasty material from some of these Ai artists:

Pathic live @ Bloc 2007.

Datasette live @ Plex 2009 (previous null+void BLOG post)