null006: MISSAW

The Centrifuge label-cofounder, events promoter, artist manager and all round boss Missaw took time to get together a dance floor oriented presentation of The Centrifuge’s output with past favourite, current hits and future releases for null+void.

Established two years ago as a not for profit digital arts collective The Centrifuge has traversed the length of the UK with events and artists from Manchester, Leeds, Nottingham and London and beyond, this arguably adds to the Centrifuge’s particularly experimental and glitched sound with sounds previously most typically reaching most loudly in the electronica atmosphere from Bristol, London and Brighton. To date they have put on some of the biggest names in electronica from Warp’s Tim Exile to Rephlex‘s Wisp proving they are playing big as well as pushing the little guys.

My own personal highlight is the Anyone Can Make Dubstep compilation, with an experimental edge to the new dubstep sound with challenging production interpriatations, and new artist Roy Of the Ravers who has begun his Centrifuge lime light with appearances on The Centrifuge Remixed and the charity compilation for Macmillan Cancer with some nice acid slow 5am sunrise rave. Also mostly above all Odan who we were privileged to have his live set at The Centrifuge Open Source Acid Event first for null+void has a release all to himself out soon (click here to revisit the post and listen to the set again).



1. Automatic Tasty – Parallel Plasticine (unrel)
2. Veqtor – Retrospective (CF024) 
3. Idiron Soundtrack – Pinter’s Second Silence (CF020)
4. Koolmorf Widesen – Bow94 (Scrubber Fox Remix) (CF030)
5. Scrubber Fox – Gash Rash (Koolmorf Widesen Remix) (CF030)
6. NeuTek – Molecular Structure (CF001)
7. Idiron Soundtrack – Turbo Kiisu (Oxynucid’s Turbo Tissue Remix) (unrel)
x) (unrel)
8. Oxynucid – WATMM Wedding (Ursa Remix) (CF030) 
9. Posthuman – Detach (CFMAC)
10. Automatic Tasty – Blush Reponse (unrel)
11. Myoptik – Liquorice Rave (CF023)
12. Oxynucid – pH6.6 (Quip’s Litmus Remix) (CF030)
13. Jodey Kendrick – HK2 (CFMAC)
14. Automatic Tasty – Popular Acid (unrel)
15. Mr Nibbles feat. NeuTek – 303EMU (CF030)
16. Odan – Trade Union Acid (CFMAC)
17. Scrubber Fox – Acid Bass Rape On Tablets Of Power (CF005)