Nathan Fake Mix for We Fear Silence

We Fear Silence are promoters born from The End and are mega collaborators with established parties like Chew The Fat and Buzzin Fly who of course used to be at The End but now have spread out to various warehouses and clubs since it’s closure. Border Community are next inline for the party treatment at my favourite venue Corsica Studios which is on Friday 6th November and is looking good with sets from James Holden, Kieren Hebden and Nathan Fake who provides promo mix can only imagine how stunning his set is going to sound off the back of the room 2 speakers. See here for more information

And here’s an earlier Nathan Fake related post videos of him rocking the main room at Corsica.

Nathan Fake – We Fear Silence Mix October 2009 by wefearsilence

null008: LUKE’S ANGER

We asked if a resident would do a set for null+void BROADCAST to kick off our hype for this excellent event with style and we chose Lukes Anger for his unique chunky and angular electro party vibe. The Bonus Round label boss has had releases on Tigerbass as well as Don’t Recordings with more to follow in good time. So thanks Bloc for hooking us up and thanks Luke for taking time to prepare this for us.

  • Divine Sounds – Dollar Bill – Luke’s Anger re-edit – 2009
  • Stagga – The Crisis Gurge Supply – Rag & Bone – 2009
  • Magnum 38 – Slave – Tigerbass – 2009
  • Ben Pest – Party Inside My Mouth – Bonus Round – 2009
  • Luke’s Anger – Working Overtime – Bonus Round – 2009
  • Neil Landstrumm – DX Serve – Peacefrog – 1995
  • Doshy – Beat Plug – Tigerbass – 2009
  • Blackmass Plastics – Future Past (Kanji Remix) – Rag & Bone – 2009
  • Luke’s Anger – Gone Phishing – Unreleased -2009
  • Paul Birken – That Which My Shovel Finds – Bonus Round – 2009
  • Kid606 – Mr Wobble’s Nightmare (Squire Of Gothos Remix) – Tigerbass – 2009
  • Robert Armani – Ambulance – Dance Mania – 1991
  • Luke’s Anger – Whipsaw – Bonus Round – 2007
  • Dimensional Holofonic Sound – Bad Acid – R&S – 1991
  • Joey Beltram – Metro – Tresor – 1996
  • Slugo – Telegraph It – Dance Mania – 1995
  • Luke’s Anger – Bebop Drop –  Don’t Recordings – 2010
  • Dam Funk Mix For Clae Shoes

    Looks like Clae Shoes comissioned this, so one of those advertising things but I guess we are the winners here getting a free mix from Dam Funk, following his latest release on Stones Throw Records (very cosmic space artwork shown to your right) he puts together a real cool syth funk jam.


    Download: Dam-Funk – Beautiful Music 4 Beautiful People (Media Fire)

    Also check the Stones Throw Podcast by Dam Funk (MP3 link)

    All Your Base Are Belong To Us Birthday Party

    I’m very excited about my next gig: The 1st Birthday Party for Reading’s seriously bassey electro night All Your Base Are Belong To Us who we have been supporting on this blog since our inception. I am very chuffed to be sharing line up with Jakeone of Toob and Red Snapper who a fantastic techno DJ. I saw him play at Wang last NYE and it was pretty much my favourite set of the night. He will be showcasing his brand new live techno-electro set.

    Joining are The Beatroute DJ’s from Guildford who run I think the only techno night in Guilford good on them. And G.O.S.H. is playing his live hardware acid electro set. 

    Join the Facebook Group.

    Exclusive: Toob Mix for Flomotion Radio, April 2009

    Ai Records’ Tenth Anniversary Box Set

    Ai Records are set to celebrate their 10th anniversary with a limited edition double 12″ release with 10 tracks by 10 of it’s roster and 10 specially commissioned designs by 10 designers called “When I Was Ten”…you get the picture here.

    All the sleeves are hand silk screen printed so it’s a quality product with the quality electro you’d associate with Ai as it has sent a high standard for creative production over the last 10 years of its existence. 

    Previews can be heard for a limited time on Ai’s Myspace player. And it is on sale from 2nd November. 

    There’s a really nice interview here as well with Jason from Ai it’s a year old but sums things up nicely.


    1. Mike Manning – My Fantasy
    2. Sinner DC – Glass Alley (Object Object Mix)
    3. Plant43 – Leaves
    4. Datassette – Crawling Greens
    5. EOC – Departure
    6. Najemsworb – Forte
    7. Pathic – Ticktock
    8. Dez Williams – Process Of Elimination
    9. FZV – The Other Day
    10. The Third Man – FGB

    Here’s some tasty material from some of these Ai artists:

    Pathic live @ Bloc 2007.

    Datasette live @ Plex 2009 (previous null+void BLOG post)

    Chiptune Marching Band East and Net Audio Megarave West This Saturday

    null+void BLOG friend Pixelh8 is taking part in a very fun and interesting event in East London this Saturday involving a chip tune marching band and chip tune work shop where you can make your own instrument and then take part in a performance followed by a free gig at the space. 

    Check the event page for more info on line up and location.

    While over west we have one of the last of The Centrifuge events at Ginglik with a cracking line up joining forces with one of the other top electronica net labels Acroplane with Ebola headlining (whose null+void BROADCAST coming soon!!!).

    More info here on Facebook and Missaw Blog.

    2 great events one day, it’s almost possible to be in two places at once. 

    Preview Kelpe’s New Album Online

    DC Records have a lovely page dedicated to Kelpe for the new release Cambio Wechsel, you can preview clips from the album and in return for feedback you can also bag yourself a free download. Kelpe is originally from Loughborough and has been releasing on DC since 2003, with the practice of looping and sampling informing the end result of some lovely and techy bleeps and bloops clever enough to be interesting and stimulating. 

    The releases are typically on 12″ and upon exploration of Kelpe’s official site it is nice to see the effort in creating a visual representation and idea digitally online, which can often be missing and reserved just for the 12″ physical cover.

    Cambio Wechsel is on sale on Monday 19th October.

    null007: ECHASKECH

    This fortnight’s podcast is from London electro duo Echaskech, Andy half of the team gave us some of his valuable time to put together this stomping techno mix for us. They are busy at the moment getting ready for Echaskech presents… at Concrete tomorrow (see here for more info) and also the release of a follow up remix single to their album Shatterproof, which has had nice things said about by I-DJ and Subbaculture. The Storm Before the Calm EP, features remixes from electro stars of the moment Posthuman and also Max Cooper dropped on the preview for null+void readers towards the end of this mix.

    Catch Echaskech live in London at The Queen of Hoxton on 28/10/09 for the EP launch party and then at Ginglik on 07/11/09

    1. Checkpoint Charlie – Bigger Than Jesus (Max Cooper Remix)
    2. Modeselektor – Dancing Box
    3. Every Now and Then – Ralph Falcon
    4. Trauma – Andre Winter
    5. Umek – You Might Hear Nothing
    6. Temperamental – Mikas (Manuel de la Mare Remix)
    7. One 2.3 Four – Martin Solveig (Popof Remix)
    8. Letter To No One – Yousef (Fergie Remix)
    9. London – Adem Beyer
    10. On Off – Cirus D
    11. My Technique – Autistic (Alex Di Stefano Remix)
    12. Echaskech – The Storm (Max Cooper Remix)
    13. Harmonisch Serie – Max Cooper