It was only a day ago but already 2 live recordings have surfaced from Warp Records grand 20th birthday celebrations the Sheffield take (download links below). The live tour has visited London, Paris and New York this year, and the Warp20 box set has sold out on pre order with a few being made available via events and ‘select retail outlets’ from 5th October. I think that Warp records has really come into its own this year through these celebrations and has claimed itself as the world’s leading intependent record label. It has intelligently and creatively experimented and sucessfully adjusted to the music industry now through the whole spectrum of media. Above is a media player widget which shifts to show the most current of music media they have on their website, to promote visually and audially their current artists and releases. This year they have also merged Warpmart and Bleep.com into one store selling their own full range of merchandise and curating a beautiful sounding vibe of music. Like other favourite online such as Boomkat and Rubadub they have their own style and sound not a heady mess of mp3’s undeclaritive of current trends and development like many mainstream e-tailers provide.

Happy birthday Warp and here’s to many more.

Squarepusher live @ Warp 20 Sheffield download.

Clark live @ Warp 20 Sheffield download.