This is the first DJ set from Shinra I’ve heard and wicked selction with tracks from Matt Whitehead, Radioactive Man and his own remixes of T-Polar and murdabot. This is all in prepartion for a new release on Wide records.

Download Mix from Wide Records official


1. Radioactive Man – It is and it isn’t (Tipper Remix)
2. T-Polar – The Night of the Golden Root (Shinra Remix)
3. Stanton Warriors feat Big Daddy Kane – Get Wild (Stanton’s Bounce Mix)
4. Ran D – HotChic (Getto Mashup Mix)
5. Sync 24 – It’s a Soft Slip
6. Extrawelt – Erste Universicherte Allgemeinheit
7. Hardfloor – The Trill Acid Theme (ERP Remix)
8. Matt Whitehead – Conveyor
9. Danny Electro – Groom Lake (Zero Double Remix)
10. Anthony Nuzzo – Die Rotten
11. Cursor Miner – Hair of the Dog
12. Kid 606 – Dancehall of the Dead (Kanji Kinetic Remix)
13. Mikey Magic – Volume Electronic
14. Rob Glennon – Gorilla Milk (Espion Remix)
15. Murderbot – Thighs (Shinra Remix)


Thighs (Shinra Remix) by Chrissy Murderbot by WIDE_Records

Thighs (Shinra Remix) by Chrissy Murderbot by WIDE_Records