For the past few months the label master Wassim has been physically preparing himself for the Yorkshire 12K run he completed and so far has raised £305. The Centrifuge are pulling out all the stops to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support culminating in an “Allstar Charity Blow Out” next Friday at their home club Ginglik. The line up is an enticing secret however they have created for null+void readers a cryptic clue to get tongues waggling:

Someone came around to check the meter, like an arrow but without the flight. You should text the telly to find out what’s on, perhaps a foodstuff to dye for. When you double click and get an error, fetch it again. Driving and talking, that’s more like it. A man with a plan, consecutively in the midst of the alphabet soup. A message of absolute truth, like a fantastical flightless bird.

So what do you think to that? And what do you think to this limited edition CD?


1. Posthuman – Detach
2. Odan – Trade Union Acid
3. Koolmorf Widesen – Reflexionimoktober
4. Ebola – What You Do To Me
5. Roy of the Ravers – Planet Earth
6. 5k3k51 – The Pants Tent
7. Gareth Clarke – Sublightweight
8. JK – HK2
9. [Kill Ref] – Popopolizei
10. Lackluster – Liop Mehch’t! Nosp Misc Kir
11. Lastrapink & Vertical67 – Jazzeed
12. Mrs Jynx – Freak
13. Jonny3snareS – Probably
14. Chevron – I’m Not As Young As I Used To Be
15. S>>D – Tag12
16. Automatic Tasty – (not responding)

Available to buy on the night or for donations of over £10 on the just giving page.