null003: JONNY 3 SNARES

Ideation Records launched just on March this year and already has put out 6 releases across the media of free digital download, plus a CD and 12″ pressing supporting a strong roster with Jonny3snares, Microphyst, Gavin Hislop, Agentblu, Lyall Anderson, Jilk, T-toe, Beatwife, ID-Gaft, Koolmorf Widesen, Tulin-fee and Kamerat Tord.

The label grew out Edinburgh’s premier underground electronica night Audacious when there simply were no nights beyond d’n’b and big names. They brought for the first time rave, breakcore and glitch acts including n+v favourite The Fez!, The Doubtful Guest, Shitmat the list goes on spanning 26 events.

The sound of Ideatious so far has been experimental and party vibe of glitch an IDM with on his latest release Jonny 3 Snares jaunting playfully through glitch and a as you’d expect from his name few snares here and there to keep it interesting, also giving well deserved shouts for Terry T Toe and his dub step trombone, which you can download for free now from their website.

Watch out for Ideation live this winter, despite their youth as a label, they have quickly been gathering a reputation and credibility and are planning shows across the UK and Europe over the next few months.