This came out on Friday for some reason my brain had logged it in for today.

I’m a big fan of Scrase’s work, it’s great to see he’s been picked up by Militant Science label of Paul Blackford who previously co-ran Bass Gunn with Smashback but has now diverged to do his own thing. Scrase appeared on the MSR001 back in February with the track Ford a twangy wonked out number, for this latest release however he has produced harder stricter electro and Torq’s track dreamy acid lines against a constant tight breakbeat.

MSR011 feat Scrase and Torq is available to buy from Juno now. Click to go to Militant Science Page.

Check out this free Paul Blackford track from Swichotheque Acid Cuts Part One

Go here to download full release *recommended*

Paul Blackford – Scanners by null+void