In total 6 EP’s were released on Friday on (love to love) Love Love as follows:

LOVMP306 – Anorak – Schemers E.P.

LOVMP307 – Bangalore Torpedoes – Little Bispham E.P.

LOVMP308 – Lastboss – The Beast From Benchill E.P.

LOVMP309 – Megalodon – An Unholy Mess E.P.

LOVMP310 – Doc Colibri – Po…pô…Popp! E.P.

LOVMP311 – Raxyor – Adamantite Harvest E.P.

This is my favourite artwork for Megalodon, each release having its own style and strength of design.

Mainly insane sounding breakcore mashup vibes as expected.

My favourite release is this Bangalore Torpedoes a lovely syth outing from Chevron, according to the Myspace, made on a Roland MC303 and Roland W30 between 1997 and 2001.

Favourite track is On Schmo, a lovely little ditty had the pelasure of this in advance since March tiimeish. Lovely stuff.