Another interesting touch screen based control method for digital DJs to hit the interwebs, it’s Tonetable. For those of you familiar with timecoded vinyls this little app will produce a tone that’s compatible with Serato’s Scratch Live, Native Instruments’ Traktor Scratch, M-Audio’s Torq, Image-Line’s Deckadance and more. Just take the audio out from the iPhone or iPod Touch and whack it into your audio interface box. Video below:


True story and semi-related; I once did a VJ gig at a club night and a DJ came up to me asking who had unplugged his Serato Scratch setup, 5 minutes before he was due to go on. Devastated, he sat in the corner of the booth and cried proper tears. I shit you not.

Tonetable is available for the mere fee of Five Great British Pound Sterling.