Those Pesky Kids Launch Record Label Feat. Orien

From Those Pesky Kids who have brought many a massive party to the south of England launched their new label Pesky Plates this Monday. The post is a few days late due to Glade backlog but shouts are deserved to this heavy release from the original south London grime edge sound of Dubstep and with DJ support already from the likes of Caspa and N-Type.

Purchase online from Juno Records and other good record stores.

Found this pretty hot mix from Orien and B2B Unitz & MC Roguestar on Rinse FM 11/03/09 The Dub Police Show on listen here.

Also keep your ears out for the next release already ready for PESKY002 – FUSED FORCES- Ugly Face,Fruits Of Labour and Road Rage. Full release date – September 2009.