8bitFM: for your streaming fix of Chiptunes

Like Chiptune music? So do we! Of course Chiptune has been around for decades now in the form of video game music and the brilliant station 8bitFM plays a mixture of classic game soundtracks and contemporary Chiptune beats. A calender and Twitter is up on the site with details of upcoming shows and mixes (because you can never have enough Twitter. There’s also a blog covering the scene which recently posted up this little gem; Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody as played via aging hardware.

8bitFM homepage

Thursday Afternoon Bounce at 8hz Miles A Year Or Two Away

Ticking over nicely.


1. Mujuice – Over the Rainbow
2. Minilogue – Doiicie B
3. Ludovic Vendi – Sueno X
4. Seph – Vamp
5. Four Tet – Untangle
6. Gramm – Ment
7. Riley Reinhold – Summer Heat
8. Murcof – Muim
9. Martin Eyerer & Gui Boratto – The Beach
10. Dewalta & Aquatic – ABN
11. Loco Dice – Breakfast at Nina’s
12. Jan Jelinek – Tendency
13. Andreas Fragel – Icon
14. Mr Oizo – Inside the Kidney Machine
15. Murcof – Mapa

Listen Again To Radio 1 Does Disgusting Electronica Quick

Just a few days left to listen again, keeping an eye out for soundcloud postage but for now go to the iPlayer for Easter treats. I’ve already listened and highly recommend it. Sort of Chris Morris DJ style…


Mistabishi – ‘Printer Jam’ (Hospital Records)

Kritical Audio – ‘Krupp’ (Chillosophy Music)

During Hip Hop Chipmunk:
Lone – ‘Cali Drought’ (Dealmaker Records)

Mochipet – ‘Lazy Day (Starting Teeth Remix)’ (Creaked records)

During Evil Surgery:
Aeroc – ‘Another Mere Moment’ (Ghostly)

Kid 606 – ‘Loose Noose’ (Tigerbeat6)

Paul Ritch – ‘Evil Laff’ (Wagon Repair)

During Richard D James Game
Gui Boratto – ‘Eggplant’ (Kompakt)

Little Miss Trinitron – ‘CPU Song’ (Twisted Nerve)

Miss Kittin and The Hacker – ‘The Womb’ (Nobody’s Bizzness)

Telefon Tel Aviv – ‘Stay Away From Being Maybe’ (BPitch Control)

During Learn Pi with Fearne Cotton:
Project Bassline – ‘Drop The Pressure (Jack Beats ‘Rinsed Out Rave’ Mix)’ (Cheap Thrills)
Håkan Lidbo – ‘Freeze LAPD’ (Shitkatapult)

Matt Chester – ‘Down and Out in EC2’ (11th Hour Recordings)

During Emergency Defibrillator Man
Gui Boratto – ‘Azzurra’ (Kompakt)

PixelH8 – ‘IED’ (Hidden Youth Records)

Håkan Lidbo – ‘Clockwise’ (Shitkatapult)

During Celebrity Come Dine With Me – Camden Special:
Laurie Johnson – ‘Avengers Tag’

Martsman – ‘Sir Gordon Jumpmeister III’ (Medschool)

Moderat – ‘Rusty Nails’ (BPitch Control)

Myspace with streaming sketches and Hip Hop Chipmonk Soundboard!

Centrifudge Anyone Can Make Dubstep Compilation feat Chevron Free Download Out Now

This release is really excellent, I played Idiron Soundtrack’s track off this on the last radio show. Would love to spend more time writing a proper review but just don’t have time this week. Generally interesting production, darker glitched up sounds of dub step.

This is how they put it:

“In an homage to those true “mainstream innovators” Radiohead, we’ve taken “Anyone Can Play Guitar” and turned it into “Anyone Can Make Dubstep” a excuse to release something a little different to our usual output. The idea was to solicit tracks from our artist roster and friends utilising the 2-step motif and/or elements associated with it, with the hope that our broad musical church would offer up some original musical communion, or at least something grotesque to sacrifice at the altar. We’ve got some great tracks on here from Centrifuge regulars, some new faces and some distinguished guests.”

1. Ken Bock – Meltdown
2. Koolmorf Widesen – Bow94
3. Puzzleweasel and Richard Devine – Mad Bonce
4. Idiron Soundtrack – Pinter’s Second Silence
5. Jash – Emerging Daisy
6. Chevron – St Matthew
7. Joel-Aime Beauchamp – Exit Dick The Quick
8. Oxynucid – The Dar Prince Of Pain
9. Captain Chaos – Dubious Squelch And The Naughty Cupboard
10. DH Sublord – In A Biscuit Tin
11. Ursa – Coincidence
12. The Gasman – Chubstep
13. Quip – Treat Me Well
14. Scrubber Fox – Grint Mint
15. Myoptik – DirtstoP

Other releases coming soon:
CF021: Formication – Dr Umens (The NeuTek remixes) out on 26th April.
CF022: Sadistician – No-one Likes An Idiot out on 10th May.
CF011 / ACP0XX: – Carl Brown – The Luminaries Must Be Destroyed out on 18th Ma

Facebook Group

Go to their website to download now and find out about all the events they’re doing that I didn’t mention here.

Some tasters of previous releases:

Yardcore Sessions Tonight And Every Tuesday On SubFM

The Yardcore guys have been doing this for a while now, tonight’s show will be their 4th

Tune in from 10pm and midnight they’ll be playing the very best in dubstep, garage, dnb, hiphop and oldskool hardcore from the Yardcore crew, plus a mix recorded by Ben Bracket, who will be sadly missed. There’s been some amazing things happening from the community paying their respects to Ben. Respect to them all.

Listen live to SubFM here.

And go to their website for the archive and to subscribe to podcast.

Many ways not to miss out.

Christopher D Ashley on David E Sugar’s MoS Radio Show

Chris was on Ministry of Sound radio last week guesting on David Sugar’s radio show playing new tracks from himself, Debasser remix of Pain Struck Stanley Dumb and new Radioaciveman material.

Download the show from Sendspace.

Interestingly David E Sugar has pledged to release a digital track a week, and is getting a new live band together and some more fun circuit bending shiznit.

Here’s a taster of his April laptop set David’s put out there.

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