Disco_r.dnce All Day Free Party @ The Foundry This Saturday

It’s funny how I find things through different media outlets that I should’ve known about all along. Today it was Discor_d.nce label and AV/design crew.

They’ve got heaps of media on their Myspace and website that is definitely worth a peruse.

The Foundry is ace and keep their drink prices low a squat rave style haven in Shoreditch so get down and dirty in their basement with spinning floor.

Ben Phaze Tunnels Project On BBC News

So this is quite incredible, Ben Phaze on the BBC. I was woken up with a text at 6am this morning ‘saying turn on BBC1 now I’m on in 10 mins’…I didn’t get up and put the TV on but thankfully the BBC have put the film online now.

Don’t forget you saw Tunnels live in London first at Avoiding The Void Since 1984.


synthPond is a recent release for the iPhone OS developed by Zach Gage, a digital mixed media and installation artist based in New York. It’s a generative audio spatial sequencer not too dissimilar from Toshio Iwai’s work Electroplancton which was released to critical acclaim on the Nintendo DS a few years ago.

As with a lot of these sequencers that have been popping up recently, synthPond offers an alternative way of thinking about synthesisers (which have largely taken their interface queues from the old analog synthesisers of yesteryear). Instead of placing notes on a grid and having a virtual playhead move over them the notes in synthPond are placed on a field and the a note is emitted from them at the source. The note affect neighbouring notes and can can cause a chain reacton in notes being played.
The result is the ability to create quite organic and seemingly random sounding compositions in a very structured manner.

The newest version allows the software to be linked up with the previously mentioned OSC which opens up the possibility of full-on audiovisual performances.

Here’s a video of Zach explaining the software:

synthPond 2.0 Tutorial from zach on Vimeo.

A free ‘lite’ version is available with the full version costing a thouroughly reasonable £1.19. Also be sure to check out the Author’s other work on his website.

synthPond website

Glade Line Up Announcement

Still reeling from Bloc we now have the excitement of this thrilling line up announcement from the camp at Glade, not to forget that Bloc will be hosting the Vapor stage there this year

Underworld – UK Festival Exclusive // Booka Shade // Squarepusher // Juan Atkins – UK Exclusive // Adam Beyer // Mutant Clan AKA Timo Maas and Santos // Dave Clarke // Freeland (Adam Freeland live)//Plumps Djs // Krafty Kuts // Venetian Snares // Drop The Lime // Rusko Live // Japanese Popstars // The Qemists // Femi Kuti and The Positive Force // Nitin Sawhney // Finlaye Quaye // Digital Mystikz // Kid 606 // Atomic Drop // Antix // Freestylers // Rennie Pilgrim and Chickaboo // The Bays feat. Beardyman // Tristan // Perfect Stranger // Paul Taylor // Kasey Taylor // Lucas //Lurk
Earthling // Chromatone // Sensient // Dick Trevor // Dimitri DKN //Spoonbill //ISHQ
Waterjuice // Kuba Live // DJ Zinc // Deekline and Wizard // Jay Cunning // Vent //Stereo : Type // The Egg // Los Albertos // Orchestra Del Sol //Tragic roundabout //
Gadjo // The Correspondents // Jim Masters // Hudson Mohawk // Duran Duran Duran //Far Too Loud // Hexadecimal // Toddler T //Tayo //NAPT

Yummy particularly looking forward to The Bays who only play live, saw them a couple of years ago at NYE with Radioactive Man. Grab yourself a live MP3 here.