Brighton, London, Reading this Friday

For techno in Brighton Bleep Low Tech have earned themselves a Friday night spot for the very first time with residents Sol and Sample holding nothing back with the techno beats.

Moved to Public Live on Commercial Street DYNAMO will be the party disco with fun vibes and a bit of class. Free entry too. Get on down. Mr Potato Head as put up a mix to download to get you in the vibe.

If you are in Reading then almost unbelievably and again for FREE at Bar Iguana there is Radioactive Man, Debasser and Richard Wigglesworth playing out the filthiest of UK Bass, electro and live acid.

I guess the thing to say here is forget about Valentines and party through from Friday the 13th.

Mapping Festival 2009

When I went to Glade festival two years ago (a total washout thanks to the extreme weather) I was so blown away by the quality of the visuals and lighting that I wasn’t really paying much attention to the music. Must have been something I ate. So I was interested to hear of the Mapping Festival in Geneva, a festival dedicated purely to AV performances. There’s been some good feedback about this festival. CDM had this to say about it:

The first two Mapping Festivals quickly became legendary. An audio line-up worthy of a music festival, a cream of visualists married to a playground of seemingly a thousand projectors… Complete with dormitories above and sofa-strewn cinema to the side, the party didn’t stop.
Now in its fourth edition, Mapping has changed into a two/three week showcase split between the original venue ‘le zoo, pour les animeaux nocturnes’ and Geneva’s modern arts centre hosting gallery installations and an audio-visual stage.

I guess he likes it then. The organisers have extended the applications to be part of this year’s line-up so if you’re in the audio visual field and fancy performing in Geneva then get your applications in!

Mapping Festival Homepage

Touch OSC

I know I’ve been a bit of an Apple fanboy recently (yes, Apple and Google bum me on a regular basis. At the same time. With no protection or cuddles afterwards…), but here’s another iPhone/iPod Touch application that’s hit the scene!

MIDI controllers are all the rage these days but not only are they expensive, but they don’t really really offer much room for customisation. Wish you had an extra fader? Tough! You have to settle for what the hardware offers you. I run into this problem when trying to find controllers suitable for VJing. Most controllers are made with music applications in mind, meaning that VJs basically have to shoe-horn it to make it work with their software. Pretty fustrating.

Step in Open Sound Control, an attempt at making an open source controller interface. It means you can make your own MIDI controller exactly the way you want. This is great news for people who want to push their performances that little bit further. Also it means they can make what they’re doing look even more confusing to the untrained eye, thus making you look slightly more professional than you actually are.

Touch OSC is an application for the iPhone/iPod Touch which uses the Open Sound Control interface to turn the device into a customisable controller. The results are pretty impressive with limitless interfaces available using both the touch screen and tilt sensor. Not only that, but it looks like a control panel off the Starship Enterprise, always a bonus. But best of all, it’s cheap! The app sells for a mere £2.39, giving it the peasant-boy Kaif seal of approval. Here’s a video of Kabel performing some very Luke Vibert-ish Acid on it. Lots more over at the official site.

Pikilipita – new visuals on old games consoles

It’s always nice to see artists tinkering with vintage hardware to perform with. It’s even better when they start doing it with old games consoles.

London based VJs Pikilipita are the boy and girl duo who use old gaming hardware to perform visuals. They have a fairly strong history of gigs under their belt having been the resident VJs at London night Braindrop and Glade festival’s Overkill stage to name a few. The visuals themselves are heavily influenced by Japanese pop culture, which is fitting seeing as the consoles they program for are all from the land of video games.

Their current project, PS24VJ is an attempt at using the PlayStation 2 as a VJ controller, also impressively boasting a ‘2 Player’ option. As with most VJ reletated items, it’s better to watch than read, so here’s a video of it in action.

Pikilipita are performing on Friday 27th February at the night ‘Never Grow Up’ @ Fluid, Farringdon, London.

Pikilipita Homepage

Pixelh8 ‘Obsolete’ Video Teaser

Pixelh8 “Obsolete?” from Pixelh8 on Vimeo.

Today I was tagged in a video. The sounds chip tune like I’ve never heard before, like nobody has. This is a teaser for Pixelh8’s current project circuit bending the Colossus computer at the historic Bletchley Park.

Tickets are available to buy NOW and I suggest you get yours booked. There is a 30 minute performance followed by a Q&A session then a tour of The National Museum of Computing.

Buy tickets for Friday 20 March 2009 at 7.30pm here.

Buy tickets for Saturday 21 March 2009 at 7.30pm here.

£15 and £10 concessions.