Tracklisting for Tuesday’s Avoiding The Void On The Radio Show

Set list for 24/02/09 Avoiding The Void On The Radio Show

Here you are folks:

1. Robot For Brains – Craftwork (Swishcotheque Net Label)
2. Kev’s Boudoir – Pain Struck Stanley Dumb (Wide Records)
3. Chevron – On Schmo (Love Love Records)
4. Matt Whitehead – Tuff City (Rebel Intelligence)
5. Bunterund – No Whave
6. Ben Phaze – Bring Your Own 1
8. Tim Landslide – Naughty Step
7. Sol – Leech
8. Marina And The Diamonds – Obsessions (Pink Stallone Crush)

Due to some teething problems and the ‘my software has crashed’ unplanned segment the recording will need to be edited this week to avoid any further embarrassment before I post it up here….but still thanks for all who tuned in on Tuesday. Next show will be on the 10th March from 8pm.