Tracklisting for Tuesday’s Avoiding The Void On The Radio Show

Set list for 24/02/09 Avoiding The Void On The Radio Show

Here you are folks:

1. Robot For Brains – Craftwork (Swishcotheque Net Label)
2. Kev’s Boudoir – Pain Struck Stanley Dumb (Wide Records)
3. Chevron – On Schmo (Love Love Records)
4. Matt Whitehead – Tuff City (Rebel Intelligence)
5. Bunterund – No Whave
6. Ben Phaze – Bring Your Own 1
8. Tim Landslide – Naughty Step
7. Sol – Leech
8. Marina And The Diamonds – Obsessions (Pink Stallone Crush)

Due to some teething problems and the ‘my software has crashed’ unplanned segment the recording will need to be edited this week to avoid any further embarrassment before I post it up here….but still thanks for all who tuned in on Tuesday. Next show will be on the 10th March from 8pm.

Siftables: The future of sequencing?

I previously wrote about Touch OSC which gives the you ability to make your own user interface. The engineers at the MIT Media Lab have come up with devices called Siftables which they describe as

“cookie-sized computers with motion sensing, neighbor detection, graphical display, and wireless communication.”

Confused? It’s a bit like having each element of the user interface as it’s own physical object. Still confused? Check the video below to get a bit of an idea of what’s going on.

Siftables Music Sequencer from Jeevan Kalanithi on Vimeo.

It all looks pretty exciting and brings digital musicians that one step closer to their instrument playing cousins. These things are due on sale in the near future so if it takes your fancy check out the official site for more details.

Here’s a slightly more in-depth explanation for the curious among you.

This Weekend’s Events Body Hammer and Gas at Plan B

This Friday night at an undisclosed E2 location is Body Hammer get your jack on with:

Luke’s Anger (Bonus Round, Don’t, Tigerbass) drum machine & 303 set
Coded Soul (Boom City)
Joe Hart (Bloc)
Paul Purgas (Emptyset)
Matilda (Bodyhammer)
Omar Francis (retrotek)

£5 entry and it is invite only you must RSVP to

Listen to a teaser mix on their Myspace

Saturday the Gas boys are back at Plan B with Deepgroove

Join the Facebook group for £10 tickets

Also on Friday Brain Drop is at Scala and Bleep43 at Corsica Studios, decisions decisions

Ben Phaze Asks You To BYO To Win Tickets To Brain Drop

Ben Phaze of Beat Feast has an ongoing project where he asks for samples to be submitted out of which he will create a tune just using those samples. Pretty neat eh?

Well for his next one you have a chance to win a Beat Feast T-Shirt and a ticket to this weekend’s Brain Drop with a totally immense lineup including Drums of Death, Current Value and Milanese.

Send your sample to or post a link on the Beat Feast facebook page

Deadline is tonight!!

As an added bonus he will be recording my radio show tonight and sampling that – I’ll be playing out the resulting tune on the next show.

Listen to previous tunes here.

Avoiding The Void On The Radio

I will be broadcasting live on from 8pm this Tuesday and will be every other Tuesday from now on taking turns with Solow’s Tea Time Techno show.

This week expect new material from Matt Whitehead, Pain Struck Stanley Dumb and Chevron among other tracks of the Null + Void flavour.

Don’t forget to get involved in the chat room, if you can’t make it at that time I’ll put up the recording of the show here later in the week.

Shit Mat Announces One Foot In The Rave Tour Dates

To promote his new album One Foot In The Rave out on Planet Mu early May Shit Mat has planned this mega tour!

Saturday feb 28th – bristol, uk @ motion
Sunday march 1st – bristol, uk @ dmt records
Tuesday march 3rd – brighton, uk @ the sidewinder
Wednesday march 4th – eastbourne,uk @ riskys stripclub
Thursday march 5th – colchester, uk @ bliss bar
Friday march 6th – preston,uk @ coda
Saturday march 7th – st petersburg, russia @
Wednesday march 11th – berlin, germany @ o’ tannenbaum
Thursday march 12th – available for eu gig!
Friday march 13th – tilberg, nl @ hall of fame
Saturday march 14th – amsterdam, nl (tbc)
Wednesday march 18th – cardiff,uk @ 10 feet tall uk
Thursday march 19th – cheltenham, uk @ slak
Friday march 20th – nottingham, uk @
Saturday march 21st – london, uk @ the rhythm factory
Monday march 23rd – ramsgate, uk @ cabbage castle
Wednesday march 25th – london, uk @ the l&b squat pub
Thursday march 26th – edinburgh, scotland @ grv
Friday march 27th – glasgow, scotland @ soundhaus
Saturday march 28th – available!
Sunday march 29th – reading, uk @
Monday march 30th – norwich, uk @ queen charlotte
Friday april 3rd – london, uk @ corsica studios
Saturday april 4th – bologna, italy @ kindergarten
Wednesday april 8th – cork, ireland @ the pavilion
Thursday april 9th – dublin, ireland @ the lower deck
Friday april 10th – leeds, uk @ beaverworks
Saturday april 11th – galway @ roisin dubh
Sunday april 12th – portsmouth @ havana bar
Monday april 13th – brighton @ hector’s house
Wednesday april 15th – milton keynes, uk @ the beacon
Thursday april 16th – high wycombe, uk @ the roundabout
Friday april 17th – bialystok, poland @
Friday april 24th – camber sands, uk @ bangface weekender
Saturday april 25th – camber sands @ bangface weekender

Download Shitmat – Big Feta Cockroach Mix (Part 1)

Maldore AKA Warwick Elkins on Kranky Digital

Warwick was a massive influence in the Reading party scene during my time there hosting themed raves with Peter Dennis. They were good days, the picture above was at a disused fibre glass workshop where I even did a performance art piece at 3am.

He’s now living the dream life in Australia but this weekend broadcast on his infamous mix of hard style beats 1 hr in to the show.

Download from Rapidshare.

Radioactive Man Interview on

I’ve done a little preview piece on the Bloc weekend in my mind the most exciting line up for a music festival I’ve seen in years and still they tell you it’s not all about the music but the whole experience so my expectations are sky high (strangely yes it’s my first year at Bloc).

Read it here and also it’s worth looking at it to listen to the Paul Blackford remix of Lungfull of Bass Keith let me put up there. I think it’s one of the few music items up there amist the fashion week mega coverage.