AV set from DJ Sampology @ Game On, Australia

Turtabilist DJ Sampology recently performed an AV set at the Game On night in Australia (a video game related art exhibition organised by The Barbican in London). Using the underused video scratching capabilities of Serato SL, he’s managed to create a pretty amazing set that poos all over any VJ work that I’ve attempted in the last couple of years. The set features some fairly tight scratching and a few cheeky retro games clips that bring a tear to my eye. Most interesting is how security cameras have been seamlessly mixed in to give the audience a view of the scratch action on the decks (useful for short people like me who’s only memory of gigs usually is the back of the person standing in front of me).

Sampology at Game On – AV Turntablist Set (Part 1), and (Part 2).