RJDJ – ‘digital drug’ application

Created by a group of artists based around Europe RJDJ is a reactive music application for the iPhone. The developers describe it as a ‘digital drug’ because, like a drug, it affects your perception of sound in the world around you. The application itself comes with various ‘scenes’ ranging from an ethereal sound scape that loops and echoes ambient noise to an amen-based drum and bass track controlled by movement of the device.

It really needs to be heard to be understood so thankfully they’ve provided a short explanation of it here.

Reactive music is a really interesting concept and now that devices are getting cheaper and more powerful it’s something that can really be explored by people.
I’d love to implement this in a smoking area for a music night somewhere to space-out the guests (along with a strobe light in the toilet; health and safety keep denying that one for some reason).
Unfortunately the application only works on the iPhone and the 2nd Generation iPod Touch so I haven’t been able to test it myself yet. If any of you guys fancy giving it a go then please let us know about your experiences with it in the comments.
For more videos and information check out the official website.