Soundcloud + Disgusting Electronica

I’ve just found 2 things tonight which have given me heaps of online joy. The second compounded the joy of the object I in fact found first.

1. I found out somebody interesting I met had begun producing. So when I asked him for some tracks expecting to be asked for my email address to get an Mp3 or to be sent to yousendit or something annoying and ad based like that i was directed here instead. It is delightful.

2. The marvellous Mr. Pixelh8 told me he’s going to be on Radio 1 AGAIN this month. On a show I’ve never heard of called David Hooper’s Disgusting Electronica. I’m listening to the September broadcast now on you guessed it it’s a fun mix of Chris Morris inspired humour and yes disgusting electronica. Good to know it’s getting some exposure on national Radio and my love of Radio 1 has just deepened that bit more (with a few exceptions of course).

I have now registered on Soundcloud and have begun following people – this could be another social networking tire but I’m liking the vibe – simple and a nice way for peeps to share their own productions and mixes

So anyways listen to Pixelh8 on Radio one @ 0000 on Boxing Day on Radio One
Listen to the last edition of Disgusting Electronica on Soundcloud