Out Now: Eomac – Eomac EP (Acroplane)

The other half of Lakker Eomac has a fresh release out on Acroplane Records this week. It’s a welcome relief from over-reverbed and try hard atmospherics that are frequently heard at the moment. There’s detail to listen to in here, off kilter arrangements and hard hitting beats. Electronica weird meets warehouse vibrations. 

Recommended. Check Lakker where you can this summer, next stop Bloc.

Out Now: Datasette – Without Mouths EP (Shipwrec)

Datasette’s recently released this new EP on Shipwrec records, a collection of funkified advanced electronics with the hi spec sound design to enjoy that you’d expect. 

Here’s the full release info:


 The 4-track 12″ vinyl EP on Shipwrec records is available from Clone or Juno.


A specially remastered digital version in all lossless or compressed formats with two bonus tracks and a remix by Ilkae is now available on Bandcamp for just FOUR POUNDS.


If you buy the vinyl version, you’ll recieve a free download code for the digital version with the bonus tracks included absolutely free, that’s right, absolutely free.


Order now and we’ll send you a beautiful solid gold carriage clock with a 3-tier walnut and crystal display cabinet and accessories at no extra charge.*

A1. Videohorse
A2. People Without Mouths
B1. Don’t
B2. Power Ballad

Bonus tracks:
1. Bayesian Funk
2. Partita For Unattended Computer
3. Don’t (Ilkae Remix)


Coming Soon: Electronic Explorations Compilation

If you’re reading this and following null+void then you probably also are a big fan of Rob Booth’s Electronic Explorations podcast which week in week out has been providing a platform for underground electronics for years now and recently celebrated it’s 200th show. Due to it’s mammoth success hosting costs have become too high so to resolve that issue the site’s creator has asked previous guests to donate tracks to a fundraising effort of a compilation all monies of which go towards the mastering of the tracks, the new website and the hosting of the site. 

It’ll cost only £5, 10p per track but if you can – you may donate more (and you probably should due to what the site has probably given you over the years. It’ll be available to buy on the 1st of July via bandcamp


01. Access To Arasaka – Photons Second Quantization
02. Akkord – Surge
03. Al Tourettes – Mind Over Scatter
04. AnD – Stellar
05. Anneka – Jaws Of Day
06. Arkist & Komonazmuk – T-Model
07. Bong Ra – Sinistar
08. Broken Note – Let Em Hang (EE Re-Glitch)
09. Chris Finke – The Sickness
10. Coppa Ft. Machinecode – Life Styles Of A Billionaire
11. Cursor Minor – Hieroglyph
12. DA-10 – The Future Is Futureless (NGRRR Remix)
13. Darqwan/Oris Jay – Distracting Me
14. Dead Sound & Videohead – Fuck TV
15. Deadfader – Save It 7
16. DeFeKT – Sunseq
17. Distal – Ralph Muggins Acid Depot
18. Djrum – On the Road 2010
19. Drumcorps – The Path
20. Emika – FM Attention
21. Enduser – Void
22. Exercise One – The Reality Was Different
23. Forward Strategy Group – TTH (Signal Path mix)
24. Geiom – Cairns
25. George Lanham – Margeries Last Ride
26. Ghettozoid – Boy Toy (House of Black Lanterns remix)
27. Hizatron – Dejlig
28. Ital Tek – Gold Tiger
29. Kahn – Polar
30. Kowton – False Dawn
31. Loops Haunt – Peripheral
32. Machinedrum – Luster
33. Memotone – Stop running and they will catch you
34. Milanese – Hershey’s Back
35. MonsterX – Terraformer
36. Neil Landstrumm – Feel Your Body Rise
37. 0=0 – Handshake Mode
38. Old Apparatus – Angels
39. Perc – Steve Bull
40. Phaeleh – Orchid
41. Point B – Second Guesses
42. Posthuman – Dead Man’s Land
43. Radioactiveman – Rowing Against the Tide
44. Roel Funcken – Cybot
45. Ruckspin – Belong
46. Scan One – Hip748
47. Scarecrow – Snowflake
48. Stormfield – Focus
49. Swarms – Pandora
50. The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble – (Behind the) Celladoor
51. The Unknown Consequent – Fundamental Forces
52. The Wee DJs – Miles
53. The Whispering Minority – Forgotten Worlds
54. Timeblind – Rising Lee
55. Tom Dicicco – 9926
56. Trevino – Sorrow
57. TVO – Lakeview
58. Wisp – Lark & Lion

Out Now: Beatwife -Lord Cornwallis (Love Love Records)

Love Love Records latest digital release comes from Beatwife – a 6 track / hour long EP with his junglist braindance and acid mentalism or as the label manager says “psychonautical slugging out atop a sea of tentacles and teeth” – always a talent for words to describe the most avant garde of sounds. You can preview the release in the mix below and puchase now from the label’s website.

Plus the label are also nearing their first physical release – a 12″ from Dublin’s Lakker we’re big fans of over here – it’s a different tone again from their Killekill and Blueprint release pre-order here.

and will be throwing a party on 21 June in Colchester with Shitmat, The Gross Consumer more info here.

Video: Yellow Machines Presents Archive

Coming this June is a project produced to the quality and polished detail we’ve already become accustomed to in the production of Scanone’s music. The Yellow Machine’s boss has commissioned 13 directors to put video to a selection of previously unreleased tracks in this DVD out in June titled ‘Archive’.


A collection of 13 previously unreleased audio tracks taken from ten years of Scanone’s production archive.

These tracks have then been worked on visually by a selection of talented artists, directors and visual collectives creating short films, promos and visuals.


Out Now: Paul Blackford – Dream Sequence EP (Tudor Beats)

We all know Paul Blackford intimately for his sub bass 160bpm power beat, here in two original tracks for Tudor Beats, we see another side to the techno bass purveyor as the synths take centre stage over the drum machines. On the remix Screwtec and label boss Tudor Acid both rework title track ‘Dream Sequence’ but it really is TA’s version that offers something interesting, injecting some fountain acid into the melody hook.

Listen to Voyager 2 in the player below, you can buy from the label site and all other digital download outlets.

Out Now: Cygnus – Cybercity Z​-​ro (Icasea)

Although you’re too late by now to get your hands on this limited edition cassette version of Cygnus’s album for Icasea records, it’s also released on high quality digital format for you enjoy. Icasea maintain their reputation for advanced electronic sounds as similarly Cygnus is back in the steely-cool form he established in his first EP for the label two years ago on his Wrowreck release.

Check it for yourself in the player below and support the label with your Paypal acc. Plus check the latest full player from Porborsk that’s recently been unleashed by Icasea too. Both prime examples of finely tuned electronica. 

Cybercity Z-ro by Cygnus

Out Now: Shitmat – Global Hypercolour EP

Since moving from the Wrong Music stronghold of Brighton to live the good life en France, Shit Mat has been busier than ever with his ‘Mash Hits’ series, a podcast for Bit Phalanx, a video for acid master Chevron and now this new ‘Global Hypercolour EP’. Check the blurb below and listen and purchase in the player too.

Hardcore madness abounds from the janitor of kakked up beats. In 2012 we find Shitmat’s first Bandcamp release, kicking up a dustcloud of nosebleed raviator noises and mechanically recovered beats. Bigtop’n’circus! Featuring three original Shitmat overclocked mixes plus Chris Moss Acid on a dirt-box-bass remix. So intense it’ll change the colour of your shit!

Global Hypercolour EP by Shitmat

News: Bit-Phalanx – Podcast, Video + Compilation Action


Bit-Phalanx have started off the year with not only their first officially produced video for Jilk’s ‘My Techno Heart Melts Your EMO Dribble’ but with a new free compilation and podcast series. The video comes alongside a remix EP from Jilk and the podcast kicks off in a Shitmat special mashup style while the compilation sees Bit-Phalanx team up wtih Bit fellows Bitcrusher for an excellent free download. We’ve included one of our favourite tracks for you to sample in the player below.

Head to Bit-Phalanx’s website here for more information and to listen to the music.