Radio: null + void with Kirsti, 20-07-15

The first episode of null+void on KMAH is now available to listen back to, love to all who listened we’ll be back on Monday 17th August 10pm to midnight kmah-radio.com.

01 Aïsha Devi – Kim and The Wheel Of Life [Forthcoming on Houndstooth]
02. The Black Dog – Control Needs Time [Forthcoming on Dust]
03. Rob Clouth – Deep Field [Leisure System]
04. Perc – Change To Win [Forthcoming Perc Trax]
05. Yaporigami- Lunar [Stray Landings]
06. Martyn Hare – Zero Tolerance [Forthcoming Don’t]
07. Pessimist – Untitled [Forthcoming Electronic Explorations]
08. 214 – Pickles & Mints [Shipwrec]
09. Andreas Gehm – Your House [Forthcoming Polybius Trax]
10. Laksa – Draw For The [Mstry]
11. HVL – Away From Everything We Know (Reflektor Remix) [Organic Analogue]
12. October – Head 4 Phuture [Forthcoming Brstl]
13. Modini – Romance [Forthcoming Dixon Avenue Basement Jams]
14. G 23 – Mountians Acid (Jerome Hill Remix) [Forthcoming Super Rhythm Trax]
15. DJ Haus – Need Sum Time [Forthcoming Unknown To The Unknown]
16. Nonima & Stormfield – Rolling Thunder [Combat Recordings]
17. Shelley Parker – Catch [Opal Tapes]
18. Cristian Vogel – Dirt System (2015 Remaster) [cristianvogel.bandcamp.com]
19. Human Stain – Pain (Part II) [Acre]
20. AFX – serge fenix Rendered 2 [Warp Records]
21. Cylob – Concrete Corporal [Power Vacuum]
22. Beatwife – Cullinghord Kisser [Love Love Records]
23. Marco Bernardi – Magic Night [Brokntoys]
24. Shinra – End Game [Balkan Vinyl]
25. Koova – This Is Not My Future [Forthcoming Central Processing Unit]
26. The Exaltics – Instinct (Dopplereffekt Hubble Constant remodel) [Forthcoming on Solar One]
27. Sync 24 & Morphology – Phase Crush [Cultivated Electronics]
28. Pev – Edges (Steevio Re-interpritation) [Forthcoming Smorgashboard]

News: null+void Radio Show Gets Regular Home On KMAH

We’re excited and delighted to announce that we have found a permenent and regular home for the null+void radio show on Leeds burgeoning station KMAH joining the ranks of their already great line of presenters with Happa, BMO, October and more all part of their programming.

Starting tonight (20th July) from 10pm – midnight we’ll be broadcasting every four weeks and have tracks to come from Brokntoys, Solar One, Central Processing Unit, Electronic Explorations, Houndstooth and heaps more.

Tune in tonight live at http://kmah-radio.com/ then the show will be archived on our soundcloud channel.

Shouts to Rinse for giving us the opportunity to launch the show back in 2014, you can listen to the archive so far here: