Radio: null+void with Kirsti feat. T-Flex // KMAH Radio // 13/02/2019

@t-flex @kmah-radio @kirsti

1. Mikron – Locus Reave [Central Processing Unit]
2. Matt Whitehead & no data available – Sahara [Super Rhythm Trax]
3. Dez Williams – In The Shadows [Discos Atonicos] – Running Circles EP
4. Reptant – Liquid Acrobatics [Planet Euphorique]
5. Fleck E.S.C. – Grandmas Cookies [Bass Agenda]
6. DMX Krew – MR10stery [forthcoming Hypercolour Records]
7. BufoBufo – Mutant Enzyme [Ritual Poison]
8. Fishclaw Mole (Luka yorke’s YSM Remix)
9. Scalameria – Enhance…Stop [Forthcoming Power Vacuum]
10. Cestrian – The Weir [Mechatronica]
11. Robyrt hecht – silverclay [forthcoming Mind Colour Music]
12. Sepher – Cybernetic [Forthcoming Eon Records]
13. REQ – Galaxy Arm Electro [Seagrave]
14. Serge Geyzel – Arbuzz [forthcoming Arkada]

T-Flex Recorded Live at null+void Birthday

15. Nightwave – Psychic Tonic [DEXT]

Order T-Flex Mimic EP: http://bit.ly/1SfXX4r
null+void Live tickets: http://bit.ly/2S2HV3b

Radio: with Kirsti feat. Paul Heirophant // KMAH Radio // 24/10/2018


1. Robot For Brains – RFB Acid [Swishcotheque]
2. Soundex Phonetic – Planet Pluto [Stoned Wave]
3. Sugar Experiment Station – No Wonder She Hates You
4. Dez Williams – Gold Digger [Bass Agenda]
5. Binary Operator – System Error [Central Electronics]
6. Throwing Snow – Simmer [forthcoming Houndstooth]
7. Ursa – Mouthwash [bandcamp]
8. VC-118A – Machinarium [forthcoming Cultivated Electronics]
9. Ten Letu – Ah, You Shot Me! [The Press Group]
10. Zodiac Childs – Lifeblood [Zodiac Wax]
11. Nonentitiy – Raw Method [Source Material]
12. Alex Jann – Blue Moon Rising [forthcoming Censor]
13. Pointsman – Dirty Shirt [Serotonin]
14. Chontane – Nedelia [forthcoming Them]
15. The Horn – Pushdown [Bandcamp]

Paul Heirophant Guest Mix

1. Giles Lamb – Apex [WeMe Records]
2. Paul Hierophant – Nuerth [Hierophant Dubs]
3. Plant43- Driven by Magnetics [AC Records]
4. Cignol- Hidden Galaxies [Computer Controlled]
5. Erell Ransom – Perfect Illusion [Childhood Electronix]
6. Cignol – The Observable Universe [Further Electronix]
7. Silicon Scally- Override [CPU]
8. Carl Finlow Capacitance AC Records
9. Sync 24 & Silicon Scally – Clickjacking [Cultivated Electronics]
10. Sbles3plex – We Are Transmitting [DJAX]
11. Urban Tribe – bio electronics [Trust]
12. DB_24 -Anachronic [AC Records]
13. The Exaltics – 00044.00.1.5 [Solarone Music]
14. Koova -Frustration [brokntoys]
15. Stefan Robbers – A Touch of Heaven [eevolute]
16. Underground Resistance – The Final Frontier [Underground Resistance]
17. Scape One – Ancient Temples [Fundamental Records]
18. Paul Hierophant – Osiris [Hierophant Dubs]
19. Norken & Nyquis – Love Simulation [Exalt Records]
20. Paul Hierophant – Deep Space Industry [Hierophant Dubs]
21. Alphacom – The Witness [Fundamental Records]
22. Pip Williams – SubZero [AC Records]
23. Underground Resistance – Message to the Majors Underground Resistance

Radio: null+void with Kirsti // KMAH Radio // 29/09/2018

KMAH September 2018 Tracklisting

Featuring the next null+void Recordings release ?

Pre-Order: nullandvoidrecordings.bandcamp.com


1. no data available – yes mate [forthcoming null+void Recordings]
2. Yuri Urano – Autline [Central Processing Unit]
3. Weakmassive – Metra [talahachi]
4. Brain Rays (feat. Sensational) – I Make Moves [forthcoming label unknown]
5. Carl Finlow – Unconditional [forthcoming Cragie Knowes]
6. Koova – Sometimes a Conduit (Patricia’s Amalgamix) [Brokntoys]
7. KYMS – A2 [label unknown]
8. Jack Roland – OST Contract [Natural Sciences]
9. Luke’s Anger – Your Feet [forthcoming Bleeper]
10. Lewski – Erebus [Wolfskuil Limited Holland]
11. Cool and Frank – Former Saturn Morning [coolandfrank.bandcamp.com]
12. Paul Hierophant – Europa [Heirophant Dubs]
13. Cron – Squelch [Musique Pour La Danse Holland]
14. Body Jack – Twice Bitten [forthcoming Bodytrax]
15. Lone – Oedo 808 [forthcoming R&S Records]
16. Kosh – Null 212 [Casa Voyager France]
17. Charm Sneak – 13_10_17  [Reach Recordz]
18. Scan One – Re-Turn [Analogical Force]
19. Pineal Navigation – Zealous [forthcoming Xerophkz Records]
20. Maelstrom – Utility Shift [forthcoming Central Processing Unit]
21. FFT – orr din [forthcoming Super Hexagon]
22. Forest Drive West – [forthcoming Livity Sound]
23. Local Group – Laser Dome (Dexorcist RMX) [Ritual Poison]
24. Ali Wade – Burn Through You [forthcoming Frequency Domain]
25. Federico Leocata – In Der Nacht [Shipwrec]
26. Vester Koza – frm angel meadows to abundant slums [forthcoming Houndstooth]
27. no data available – the night [forthcoming null+void Recordings]

Radio: KMAH Show Archive March 2016 Featuring Mikron Guest Mix



1. Mikron – Ask me [Central Processing Unit]
2. Kero X Marshall Applewhite – Murky Water [Detroit Underground]
3. Acid Kirk – In Between Days [Weme Records]
4. Oxynucid – Glacierbassfix [forthcoming Recycled Plastics]
5. DJ Guy – Structures (Reprise) [forthcoming Organic Analogue]
6. Roy Of The Ravers – 2 Late 4 Love [forthcoming Acid Waxa]
7. SHKN – Breaks [Subsequent]
8. E.R.P. – Vox Automaton [Frustrated Funk]
9. I.F. – I Do Because I Coudn’t Care Less
10. Perk & Truss – Leather & Lace [forthcoming Perc Trax]
11. Dead Sound & Videohead [forthcoming COUM Records]
12. Etch – Untitled Hardcore 3 [forthcoming Sneaker Social Club]
13. Galaxian vs Stingray313 – CaCuSi4I10 [Shipwrec]
14. DMX Krew – You Can’t Hide Your Love (Aphex Twin Mix] [reissue forthcoming on Fundamental Records]

Mikron guest mix

Mikron’s album Warning Score is out now on Central Processing Unit cpurecords.net/mikron-warning-score/

Radio: KMAH February Radio Show Archive feat Junq & Shelley Parker

As the weeks fell the show happened to occur twice in February, archives below:


1. Aisha Devi – Seen Shaker [forthcoming Houndstooth]
2. Sensational & Kruton – Power of Thought [forthcoming Power Vacuum]
3. Dmitry Distant – Lobotomy [forthcoming Bass Agenda]
4. Mikron – Warning Score [forthcoming Central Processing Unit]
5. Muslimgauze – Untitled 1985 [Optimo Trax]
6. Second Storey – Elephant Ride [forthcoming Houndstooth]
7. Cignol – Trumcen [Lunar Disco Records]
8. Skee Mask – Melczop 2 [Ilium Tape]
9. The Exaltics – Why [Shipwrec]
10. Surgeon – GN-108036 [Dynamic Tension]
11. Bintus – Live Section #1 [forthcoming Shipwrec]
12. Paul Mac – Borrow The Sound [forthcoming Balkan Vinyl]
13. Annie Hall – Curie [forthcoming Central Processing Unit]

Junq live at null+void label launch party


1. Ecsasketch – Equal Eye [forthcoming Bandcamp]
2. Tim Wright – Can’t Stop (Craig Richards Remix) [ forthcoming The Nothing Special]
3. Bawrut – Ciquita [Ransom Note]
4. Mike Ash – Bad Chorus [forthcoming Super Rhythm Trax]
5. Neil Landstrumm – Salt & Bones [forthcoming Don’t]
6. FRAK – Synthgok [forthcoming Dark Entries]
7. Juan Atkins & Moris Vos Oswald Present Borderland – Riod [forthcoming Tresor]
8. Lossy – Tokyo Arcade [forthcoming Boot Cycle Audio]
9. Silicon Scally – Culture of One [carlfinlow.bandcamp.com]
10. Plant 43 – Infected Biome [Trust]

Shelley Parker guest mix

Radio: January’s null+void KMAH Show archive

Stream //

Tracklist //

Spaces – In Wait [Bleep]
Morphology – Mirror Comparator [forthcoming Central Processing Unit]
DMX Krew – Computational Paradign Shift [forthcoming Hypercolour]
Differ-Ent (DJ Bone) – The Final Driver [Don’t Be Afraid]
Dez Williams – Hand On Mouth [Brokntoys]
Jerome Hill – Retraint [Don’t]
Shelley Parker – Traffic Comfortzone [Opal Tapes]
Radioactive Man – Explosion [forthcoming Una Sound]
dgoHN – All The Fuckin as Scrase Remix [forthcoming Love Love Records]
Cardopusher – Inequality [forthcoming Super RhythmTrax]
TC Connect – Crystal Clear [Computer Controlled Records]
Spaces – Make The Switch [Bleep]

Spaces ‘Juxtapositions’ guest mix

1. Mark Fell – Occultation of… Mat Steel Extended Remix [Editions Mego]
2. Archangel – L.A. Teen (Oliver Coates Version X) [Foom Music]
3. Ipman – Ghostrunner [Tectonic]
4. Orphx – Dead Zone [Hands]
5. Donnacha Costello – Ten Ton [Ursa]
6. IGHA – 09 [Avian]
7. Objekt – One Stich Follows Another [PAN]
8. Terence Fixmer – Elevation [CLR]
9. NHK – Mogra [Important]
10. Ordinate – OR 05 [Unreleased]
11. Eomac – Charon [Inner Surface]
12. Jon Gibson – Cycles [Chatham Square Productions]
13. Spaces – Noon to [Bleep]
14 Autechre – Drane [Warp]

Radio: null+void with Kirsti KMAH Radio Show 18/08/2015

Here’s the archive of August’s show for KMAH with material from Robert Logan, Cygnus, AFX & more. The next show is this Monday night 10pm to Midnight and will feature a section of our next podcast from Kris and Anwar who run the excellent electro label Brokntoys before we publish the full podcast and interview here on the blog. Also on the show expect to hear new tracks from NHK yx, Helena Hauff, Christoph De Babalon & more.

The latest KMAH news is that the crew have updated their website to include a blog and nice news story on null+void plus thy’ve announced that Glasgow’s brilliant Dixon Avenue Basement Jams have also joined the ranks broadcasting weekly from 8pm-10pm on Friday nights.

Appleblim – Aubern Blaze [Tempa]
Robert Logan – Phrack [Forthcoming Slowfoot Records]
Rob Clouth – The Galazy Collapsed Into A Point [Forthcoming Leisure System]
Cardopusher – Morning Traffic Dance [Forthcoming Turbo Records]
Duke Slammer – Just Drums [Cosmic Pint Glass]
Little Birds – Oberon [Filter Label]
Cygnus – Radical User Interface [Forthcoming Central Processing Unit]
Andreas Gehm – Control Ur Mind [Forthcoming Super Rhythm Trax]
Andrea Parker – Undercurents [Touchin’ Bass]
Tengui – Mutation [Broken 20]
Anodyne – Overwatch [Acroplane Records]
Batu – Collate [Forthcoming Mistry]
Scott Robinson – Things People Say [Forthcoming Fun in the Murky]
Warlock – Break Bones [Balkan Vinyl]
Milos – Reconery Flight [Forthcoming Away Days]
Chris Moss Acid – Righteous Acid Beat [Forthcoming Computer Controlled Records]
Bebop & Rocksteady – No Way Know How [Forthcoming ???]
Ceephax Acid Krew – Zarch (Zenotronic Cider Twerk iiiv) [Waltzer]
Robert Logan – Straighten [Forthcoming Slowfoot Records]
AFX – Simple Slamming B2 [Forthcoming Warp Records]
Stingray – Dentridte [Lower Parts]
Leggett – Harp [Soundcloud]
Vai – Get Away From It All [Forthcoming Holger]
Flatland Sound Studio – Windy Day [Bedroom Research]
Synkro – Changes [Apollo]
Senking – Millers Meadow [Forthcoming Raster Noton]

p.s. Soundcloud is turning bad please follow the null+void Mixcloud

Radio: null + void with Kirsti, 20-07-15

The first episode of null+void on KMAH is now available to listen back to, love to all who listened we’ll be back on Monday 17th August 10pm to midnight kmah-radio.com.

01 Aïsha Devi – Kim and The Wheel Of Life [Forthcoming on Houndstooth]
02. The Black Dog – Control Needs Time [Forthcoming on Dust]
03. Rob Clouth – Deep Field [Leisure System]
04. Perc – Change To Win [Forthcoming Perc Trax]
05. Yaporigami- Lunar [Stray Landings]
06. Martyn Hare – Zero Tolerance [Forthcoming Don’t]
07. Pessimist – Untitled [Forthcoming Electronic Explorations]
08. 214 – Pickles & Mints [Shipwrec]
09. Andreas Gehm – Your House [Forthcoming Polybius Trax]
10. Laksa – Draw For The [Mstry]
11. HVL – Away From Everything We Know (Reflektor Remix) [Organic Analogue]
12. October – Head 4 Phuture [Forthcoming Brstl]
13. Modini – Romance [Forthcoming Dixon Avenue Basement Jams]
14. G 23 – Mountians Acid (Jerome Hill Remix) [Forthcoming Super Rhythm Trax]
15. DJ Haus – Need Sum Time [Forthcoming Unknown To The Unknown]
16. Nonima & Stormfield – Rolling Thunder [Combat Recordings]
17. Shelley Parker – Catch [Opal Tapes]
18. Cristian Vogel – Dirt System (2015 Remaster) [cristianvogel.bandcamp.com]
19. Human Stain – Pain (Part II) [Acre]
20. AFX – serge fenix Rendered 2 [Warp Records]
21. Cylob – Concrete Corporal [Power Vacuum]
22. Beatwife – Cullinghord Kisser [Love Love Records]
23. Marco Bernardi – Magic Night [Brokntoys]
24. Shinra – End Game [Balkan Vinyl]
25. Koova – This Is Not My Future [Forthcoming Central Processing Unit]
26. The Exaltics – Instinct (Dopplereffekt Hubble Constant remodel) [Forthcoming on Solar One]
27. Sync 24 & Morphology – Phase Crush [Cultivated Electronics]
28. Pev – Edges (Steevio Re-interpritation) [Forthcoming Smorgashboard]

News: null+void Radio Show Gets Regular Home On KMAH

We’re excited and delighted to announce that we have found a permenent and regular home for the null+void radio show on Leeds burgeoning station KMAH joining the ranks of their already great line of presenters with Happa, BMO, October and more all part of their programming.

Starting tonight (20th July) from 10pm – midnight we’ll be broadcasting every four weeks and have tracks to come from Brokntoys, Solar One, Central Processing Unit, Electronic Explorations, Houndstooth and heaps more.

Tune in tonight live at http://kmah-radio.com/ then the show will be archived on our soundcloud channel.

Shouts to Rinse for giving us the opportunity to launch the show back in 2014, you can listen to the archive so far here: