[MIX] Michael Forshaw ‎– Serial Scratch (Chan And Mike’s Records)

Despite his gnarly appearance, Michael Forshaw is a kind and generous soul at heart frequently giving away his backcatalogue on Soundcloud for free download he has now upped this mix from 2001 originally released on his label Chan n Mikes – itself a retrospective of the label. Classic stuff in here and highly recommended listening. 

1. Michael Forshaw – Work That Body 
2 Michael Forshaw – Bumpkin 
3 Michael Forshaw – Maul Your Sex 
4 Michael Forshaw – Bontempi 
5 Michael Forshaw – Basscrash 
6 Michael Forshaw – The Puss 
7 Michael Forshaw – Harder And Faster 
8 Michael Forshaw – Bowlegged Man 
9 Mark Hawkins — Phatt Shoes 
10 Michael Forshaw – Dance Motherfucker 
11 Mark Hawkins – Hooligan 
12 Michael Forshaw – Knocked Up Funk Rush 
13 Michael Forshaw – Pounder 
14 Michael Forshaw – Anti-Skating Device 
15 Michael Forshaw – Makin’ More Noise 
16 Michael Forshaw – Pump It 
17 Mark Hawkins / Michael Forshaw – Ejaculator 
18 Michael Forshaw – Rockford

Mix: Kirsti Guest Mix for This Is Our House

Here’s my latest mix recorded especially for the excellent This Is Our House blog. Half recorded on a sleepless day post work party and half recorded on the train up north. One of my favourite places to listen to music as it goes.

1. Radioactive Man – Minimux (Tudor Beats)
2. Crystal Distortion – Kettle Deluxe (Expressillon)
3. Michael Forshaw – Body Pump (Chan n’ Mikes Records)
4. Raiders of the Lost Arp – Space Garbage Collector (Tema5)
6. Dead Sound – Anima (Datatrace)

7. Clatter box – Lab Dancer (Open Concept Recordings)
8. Anodyne – Empire of Light (Combat Recordings)
9. Anodyne – We Decode The Future (Acroplane Recordings)
10. Lakker – Spider Silk (Killekill)
11. Scrase – Crawl (Dub)
12. Space Dimension Controller – 2257 AD (R&S)

MIX: Dead Sound + Videohead Quietus Mix

And we’re back…sorry for the downtime issues paying for hosting thanks to some phoney transactions on our account. Anyway a couple of weeks ago The Quietus gave Dead Sound and Videohead some well deserved airtime. It was all to herald the arrival of their latest EP ‘Murder’ out on Perc Trax – they’re also working on launching their own imprint soon so watch this space for more info on that.  

News: Bit-Phalanx – Podcast, Video + Compilation Action


Bit-Phalanx have started off the year with not only their first officially produced video for Jilk’s ‘My Techno Heart Melts Your EMO Dribble’ but with a new free compilation and podcast series. The video comes alongside a remix EP from Jilk and the podcast kicks off in a Shitmat special mashup style while the compilation sees Bit-Phalanx team up wtih Bit fellows Bitcrusher for an excellent free download. We’ve included one of our favourite tracks for you to sample in the player below.

Head to Bit-Phalanx’s website here for more information and to listen to the music.



I first came across Texan prodcuer Cygnus on his release for Icasea in the summer of 2010, Wrowreck. Donorax stood out for me as an icy cool down tempo electro track, one that I revisit every time I have a music listening session with a new friend. Since then the water has been dissapointingly still when it comes to Cygnus’s output until this guest appearance on The Sedna Sessions hosted by Glasgow’s Up Digital

Check it out in the player below and hope we won’t have to wait so long until the next Cygnus fix. 


Mix: Hyp 062: Luke Handsfree

If anyone has ever witnessed Luke Handsfree in full DJ swing it fast becomes apparant how he earned his name – as well as rhyming with real life surname ‘Hansbury’ his fast switching hand movements, beat juggling and all round turntable skill are staggering. As resident and promoter of Plex he’s prepped this mix for Hyponik to get us in gear for their February party which boasts Anthony ‘Shake’ Shakir as headliner – we have more info here and listen or get on the DL via the Soundcloud player below. 

01. Boards Of Canada – Amo Bishop Roden (Warp) 
02. Bok Bok & Tom Trago – Lil Ma Bonus Beat (Sound Pellegrino) 
03. Randomer – Real Talk (Numbers) 
04. Conforce – Escapism (Delsin) 
05. Karenn – Chaste Down (Works The Long Nights) 
06. Noob – Spell (Sound Pellegrino) 
07. Photek – UFO (Addison Groove’s Almost Headhunter Remix) (white) 
08. Lone – Pineapple Crush (Magic Wire) 
09. Milton Bradley – Sequence 1 (Delsin) 
10. F – Full Throttle (7even) 
11. A Made Up Sound – Take The Plunge (Beat mix) (A Made Up Sound) 
12. West Norwood Cassette Library – Get Lifted (Karenn remix) (WNCL) 
13. Rimer London – Gaarbanger (Magnetron Music) 
14. Breach – Fatherless (VIP) (download) 
15. Nightwave – Night Heat (Unknown To The Unknown) 
16. Thefft – No Match For She (Cut) 
17. EMU – Freak (Don Froth Dive Deep Remix) (forthcoming SMOG) 
18. Datassette – How Does It Feel? (unreleased)