null+ void Podcast 036: Monoak

Monoak might not have a release out yet but he’s impressed a few people with his deftly programmed drums and complimentary synth work with Rob Booth taking note and commissioning an Electronics Explorations mix earlier this summer, while Freerotation festival founder Steevio got hold of some demos and invited him to perform at the highly respected techno festival. There’s also a release signed to one of the festivals associated labels coming out later this year and finally Monoak will receive what we think is a highly deserved physical release.

If you caught our last Rinse show we premiered a 30 minute live set from the Dublin born producer which was a kind of reworking of his set at Freerotation this July just gone, it was originally intended to be a podcast here so today we’re able to present it as such alongside an interview with the rising producer to set out his story a bit better…

This mix you’ve done for null+void can you tell us a bit about it? How was it recorded and a bit about your track’s kind of like an abridged version of your Freerotation set right?

Yeah, I never got it together to record my freerotation set on the night and it was something that contained a good amount of new live-set material so I thought it would be worth re-recording for null+void. It contains all new stuff I had been working on for the gig itself. Its quite short because I didn’t want to repeat tracks that featured on the Electronic Explorations mix. Its hard to do completely new tunes for each show when you play live sets.

The set at Freerotation sounded like quite a more roughed up progression from the last set I heard from you on Electronic Explorations – is that a reflection of the tracks you’ve been making or the big system you were belting it out on?

Well I think the sets always sound better on the big sound systems especially from the MPCs, they have a certain weight that bursts through any system. The tracks I wrote for Freerotation were definitely more focused towards a club system so that may have come through.

Can you take us back and give a bit of history on your music making- how and when did you first become involved with electronic music making?

It started around 2005 when I went to sound engineering college back in Ireland. I started learning about the different DAWs and seeing people make music on them which was new and exciting to me. I had been in a band which meant you couldn’t get things done on your own so It was really liberating discovering music production that I could do by myself.

You lived in Berlin for a while but moved to London ultimately – can you tell us why maybe you didn’t find Berlin the best place for you to get established with your beats?

Berlin was great, a special place to live, but I had very little German so it was hard to find work and earn money there. Although It is a great place to write music, a very inspiring, culture rich city. I eventually thought that London might be a better place for me as I could find work easier and also the music scene in London is just non-stop so I didn’t think I would be taking a step back by coming here. At the beginning of the year I played a couple of gigs there which was a nice reminder of that Berlin pace. I made some great friends there and would go back any chance I get!

What artists would you say have been your biggest inspirations are there any you kind of hold up as templates to live up to?

2562 is great at sample manipulation and finding sneaky grooves in music, I find his music really inspiring. Also a lot of inspiration comes from artists like Aphex Twin, Drexciya and countless other electronic artists. I also listen to heaps of bands and instrumental music. An Irish band called The Redneck Manifesto also had a huge influence on me, they were this instrumental band that play around with time signatures and tempos which I find really interesting and pleasing to the ear. All these artists have inspired me to think a bit harder about my music and what I want to convey with it.

What do you use to produce?

I use an mpc as the sequencer and sampler. I also have a few outboard synths that are constantly in the loop and find their way into most tracks. The computer is involved in the mix down stage, I use Cubase to bounce tracks.

What’s the difference between that and your live set?

Very little actually. I’m able to do my live sets so easily because I make the music on the MPC so I can just unplug it and bring it anywhere! Its really quite easy to use when you get used to it.

What releases do you have upcoming this year?

Im happy to say my first vinyl release will be coming out with the freerotation crew in the autumn. More info to follow!

Monoak Facebook


Audio Report: The Week’s Recommended Listens 04/09/2014

With so much to digest and share each week we thought it easier to start doing regular reports on what’s worth listening to to make sure you (and we) don’t miss anything. Here’s the first at the tail end of a very quality rich week…

1. Aphex Twin – minipops 67 [120.2][source field mix]

It was just a few weeks ago that a blimp in East London signaled that we might now, finally be seeing the release of new Aphex Twin material. Since then we’ve been steam rolling to the release titled Syro’s release on the 20th September and tonight its host label, Warp Records, unlocked a track from said album so we could finally hear (officially) what is in store. Any pre-orders from now on will also receive a free download of the track.

2. Pip Williams Kiss FM Mix

Being big fans of Pip Williams material (he’s provided a number of tracks you will have heard in our recent Rinse FM shows) this recent mix for Kiss FM is a bonafide treat.

3. Luke’s Anger – Rust Storm EP [Ugly Funk]

Ugly Funk returned from their haitus earlier in the year with a particularly rugged 12″ from Blackmass Plastics (check out our post on it here if you missed it). They’ve just announced a follow up from Norfolk based Luke’s Anger the previews of which you can check out here..

4. Joane Skyler – Lakmir

Joane Skyler’s caught our attention for her weirdo electronics, this track is taken off an upcoming compilation for Marshal Tellar Records.

5. Duke Slammer – Devil of the Moon EP teaser

Luke’s Anger again but under his acidic slower paced alias Duke Slammer coming soon on limited yellow vinyl. This has put its host label Slurp firmly on our radar whose other releases by Wagawagawaga

6. Fat Hop 007 : Itsu Uno / Han Do Jin [Previews]

Some party ready beats from Jerome Hill and Warlock

7. Objekt – Ganzfeld

This track is so good it kinda fails it to try and put words, we’ll just call it future music and leave it at that.

8. Lee Gamble ‘Nueme’ (PAN 59)

Taken from his upcoming album KOCH Nueme has been released online to heraled in the new LP from PAN’s Lee Gamble.


This track’s taken off what will be DMX Krew’s fourth album this year, he’s pretty good at consistently kicking out the funk.

10. Second Storey – Shaman Champagne

Taken of his forthcoming debut on Houndstooth Shaman Champagne outlays perfectly the kind of advanced production and ideas we can expect from the album which is out later this year. It’s something we’re very excited about.


Recommended: Scrase – Heart + Another EP’s [Love Love Redcords]

Released in August on a pair of trade mark white vinyl on Love Love Records were an excellent pair of EPs from the man Scrase. These were actually his first tracks ever to be cut to wax and span across organically percussioned techno of Another as well as including a warmer more electro infused Heart EP.

Available to buy now from and from all good record shops.


MIX: null+void Guest Rinse FM Show w/ 30 Min Monoak Live Set

We were back on the airwaves this weekend broadcasting live from 1-3am on Rinse.FM. Here’s the recording for your stereos. Thanks again to everyone who was locked!


1. Radioactive Man – Untitled [Forthcoming on Reindhart Records]
2. Second Storey – Devoted Notion [Forthcoming on Houndstooth]
3. Richard Fearless – Gamma Ray (Legowelt Remix) [Drone]
4. King Cannibal – Doomsday Dancehall [Forthcoming on Combat Recordings]
5. Objekt – Ganzfeld [Leisure System]
6. HAPE – 130103 [@3he]

7. Guest Mix – Monoak 30 Minute Live Set

8. Scrase – Another [Love Love Records]
9. Randomer – Huh [L.I.E.S.]
10. Marshall Jefferson Presents Hercules – Lost The Groove (Jerome Hill 2014 Revamp)
11. Abraham Cowley – Luna Saturni [Unreleased]
12. Ben Pest – Chang Mey [Unreleased]
13. Don’t Know Why – Nox [Fun In The Murky]
14. Tinfoil – Foil 5 [Tinfoil]
15. Bill Youngman – Teardrop Turns [Klllekill]
16. Dead Sound – LimaFX1 [Labrynth]
17. Luke’s Anger – Eat Em Up (Acid Mix) [Bonus Round]
18. Andreas Gehm – Solar Two [Forthcoming on Solar One]
19. Dave Monolith – Down [Unreleased]
20. 214 – Mailbox Peak [Unreleased]

Big thanks to Rinse, Scott and Andrei for having me down.

Null Void - Stormfield - Smashment banner

Download: Stormfield – Smashment Mix Recorded Live at Boomtown 2014

This weekend just gone Combat Recordings boss Stormfield took himself to Boom Town fest and delivered one of his trademark bashment sets we’ve seen this go off first hand but were unable to join in the latest happening. So we were pretty happy when he dropped it over in an email offering us the exclusive on the mix – you can download and stream in the player below and here’s some words from the man himself to introduce the set properly:

This was recorded live last Saturday at Boomtown Fest 2014, in the Garden of Legends. 100 minutes of bashment, jungle, glitchy acid and ritualistic techy drum’n’bass in a relentless, bass-driven Combat Recs style. It includes some unreleased dubs, and a sneak preview of a beast of a tune “Doomsday Dancehall” by King Cannibal, which gets released on the Ten Years of Combat compilation this autumn.

The set was recorded internally, thus does not include the microphone. There was some gremlins in the dubsiren channel so all reverb, delay effects used were internal as well. There’s a couple slip-ups but i’ve left them in and blame the 52% plum brandy.

Shouts out to Laurie and crew, special mention to Hue Jah Fink, Treen and Kawasaki Kate

Juice Aleem – Rock my Hologram – Si Begg remix
Spectrum – Don’t Fuk
Stereotyp feat. Jahdan – Regiment Riddim (dub)
Stereotyp feat. Jahdan – Regiment Riddim (vocal)
King Cannibal – Aragami Style
Kid606 – Come back Wicked – Timeblind remix
Stereotyp – Trunk dub
Kid606 – Come back Wicked – Timeblind vox
King Cannibal – Shining Force
Stereotyp – Just a Fool
Cursor Miner – Street Madness
Milanese – Mr Ion (Impossible remix)
Crunch – Crookid Manor
The Bug – Fire version
Hue Jah Fink – Fukhedonizm
King Cannibal – Doomsday Dancehall (Combat Recs forthcoming)
Dr Octagon – Blue Flowers (Bass Christ in the Nite Garden remix)
Cursor Miner – Everybody want Power
Apparat & Raz Ohara – Hold On (Modeselektor remix)
Milanese – Caramel Fixup feat Dizee Rascal
Hue Jah Fink – Deadly Sinz
Bong Ra – Human Cargo
The Bug feat. Daddy Freddy – Run Da Place Red (AFX mix)
King Cannibal – Badman Near Dark
Stereotyp feat. Coppa – Blaze and Cook
The Bug – Bloodfire
Photek – Terminus
Stereotyp feat. Coppa – Big Flows
Stormfield – Drone search sequence
A.J. Robinson & Loxy – Each & Every
DBridge – Mourning Dawn
Noisia – The Bells
Broken Note – Meltdown
Concealed Identity – Kuniyoshi
Broken Note – Meltdown
Concealed Identity – Nomad
Defcon1 – Time is the Fire
Concealed Identity – Ubuntu
Special Forces – Something else (Bleeps tune)
Concealed Identity – Ubuntu
Digital & The Spirit – Mission Accomplished
Infest & Quasi – More out of Life
Ghislain Poirer – Get Crazy – Mark Pritchard remix
The Untouchables – Adamantium
The Bug – Blood and Fire – DJ Scud mix
DJ Pierre – Box Energy – AFX remix
Bong Ra – Murder You
Jahtari feat. Afrikan Simba – Protect I
Milanese – Espantoso

Combat Recordings Facebook Page / Combat Recordings Website


NEWS: Rob Swain And Andrea Parker Call In Support For Their Rewire Project

Curated by Rob Swain and Andrea Parker Rewire seeks to realign the relationship between art and music by asking the musician to respond to artwork instead of the artwork’s traditional role in supporting a musical release. They’ve linked together some of the leading urban artists and electronic experimentalists today to be involved including Cristian Vogel, Luke Vibert, Evac and Clatterbox on the audio side and Augustine Kofie, Moneyless, sheOne and Phil Ashcroft on the visual art.

In order to realise this ambitious project they’ve set up a Kickstarter campaign to fund it, they’re nearly at the target of £5,000 but are calling on last minute pledgers to realise their goal before this Saturday 9th August.

For more information and to pledge check the Kickstarter here.


Audio: null+void Rinse FM Show w / Guest Mix From Scrase

Last night / in the early hours of this morning we were back on Rinse FM for a guest show. Being long time fans of Scrase and seeing as he has a pair of EP’s coming out on Love Love Records this August we invited him to put together a 30 minute mix as well. Thanks for everyone who was locked on the night, for those of you who missed it you can now stream in the player below…

1. Datasette – Salad Error [Unreleased]
2. Pip Williams – Moody Prick [Unreleased]
3. Scrase – Flyover (MNLTH) Remix [Love Love Records]
4. Jerimiah R – Interplanetary Phenomemnon Unit [Enklav]
5. Josh Brent – Underground Renegades [The Nothing Special]
6. DeFeKT – A Side Chane Drive [Komish]
7. Second Storey – Shamen Champagne [Houndstooth]
8. Ingen & Boris Noiz – Root & Stem (Fausten Remix) [Combat Recordings]
9. Mike Ash – Nitric [Super RhythmTrax]
10. Jerome Hill – 87% Gore [Unreleased]
11. Warlock – Rose Tin [Unreleased]
12. Scrase – Silo Fin [Love Love Records]
13. Tudor Acid – Persephon5 [Tudor Beats]

— Scrase Guest Mix (No Tracklisting)

14. J.T.C – In Transit – DMX Krew Remix [Cultivated Electronics]
15. 214 – Yellow Jackets [Unreleased]
16. Carl Finlow – Sub Unit [Electrix]
17. Ben Pest – Massive Flounce [Unreleased]
18. Shinra – Fallen [null+void Recordings]

Massive thanks to for having us on the station and for Scrase for putting together his guest mix for the show.

Scrase Heart and Another EP’s are out soon on Love Love Records pre-order here:…other-2×12-bu/

Scrase Facebook:…31454151?fref=ts


On Release: Surachai – Ritual

Composed entirely on the Cwejman S1 MKII, which according to the maker’s website is “a semi modular analogue synthesizer and modules for the 19′ Eurorack systems” Ritual by Surachai has all of that innate listening to pleasure to it that analogue signals never fail to impart.

There’s extensive insight and information on the Surachai website covering its production (here) and artwork (here) and you can stream and purchase the album via the player below.

Full disclosure, I was tipped on this via Venitian Snares recent fun and interesting interview with XLR8R


On Release: Lukes Anger – Show Me Some Lazer

Luke’s Anger is best known for his wonked out techno but for his latest LP, out now on Bonus Round, he’s taken things off on a tangent employing a selection of cut up iconic rave sounds to form the album. Don’t get me wrong it also includes some Electribe fuelled techno work outs and also includes his Lee Scratch Perry guested digi dub track Earthworm. You can listen in full (and purchase) via this Bandcamp player…

Luke’s Anger on Facebook // Bonus Round Soundcloud

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